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  1. Wtb forest chandelier
  2. Looking for godforge throne
  3. Looking for nazak throne.

    Offering 600mcs max charms
  4. Looking for my event sets Left Room Wall and Armor stand, plus trading for the Chandelier. If you have pet willing to discuss pricing too!
  5. Looking for current event throne, preferably cheap as I don’t have many charms yet.
  6. Looking to buy the Harpy pet from the Quell event please
  7. Looking to sell aoen set most is lvled don't have weapon or armor pm serious offers
  8. Wanna sell all royal chests..bid the price
  9. Buying All Dunsteel Bowls!!
  10. Selling royal chests for furnishings. Pm me with price
  11. Looking for current event throne
  12. Buying any cheap pets, ugly ones will do as well.
  13. Have a guy wanting new throne no stupid prices events practically over
  14. Looking for any throne..
    Also selling current royal chest.
    Exchange preferable but can trade otherwise also
  15. Looking for the current event chandelier. PM me
  16. Still looking for a harpia pet from Quell event :(
  17. Selling Void Set, comes w/ Pink stairs, pillars, floor. Asking 3.5bcs
  18. Buying this event furniture

    Selling level 1 aeon dragon furniture (I don’t have the dragon)
  19. Selling war chests 45 million / 90 million and royal chests 2 million
  20. Trading war chests.. for ‘any’ throne sides

    General (silver) chest for 2 sides
    Conquered (blue) chest for 3 sides
    Sovereign (red) chest for 5 sides

    Purchase a key from the marketplace and good luck!
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