KaW 'the original'

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  1. I was just sitting here doing my thing when a thought popped into my head.

    If ATA offered an original version of KaW, how many people would play it ?

    I'm talking low lands only, possibly no ebs either.

    Thoughts ?
  2. Non would play it it's boring after 5 weeks
  3. As a noob I'd be greatly interested in how the old salts had to manage, I'd surely play.
  4. No I wouldn't play it lol !But I would support a throw back week or two weeks even ! No ebs no promos and zero clans ! But only for a short period of time .
  5. Wow! I learnt most of my KaW from gutterbomb back in the clan little juggs during my nooby days.
    Good to see you around man!
  6. Corinthian made a thread on this calling it KaW classic or something.

    It made sense. Still does.

    I think they can actually fix this KaW though.

    Bring back the original game math from Dec 2009 on attacks, steals, and strips. Leave the inflation Idgaf.

    Fights don't do anything anymore.

    If you paid to have your account and Gutterbomb decided to go on a tear and come get you than by golly you'd clan up if he could actually destroy real money you invested and even worse if he could burn your lands or buildings.

    Some ungodly horrible jerks would arise like iG, Zaft, PE, or the Mercs and the rest of KaW would quake in fear of their real cash being lost again.

    Really, my ability to scare anyone has been gone since 2011 since I can't strip them alone anymore over the course of days or weeks on my hourly timer. I used to pick some forums clown and take him to task just because it was possible.

    Ecw420guy showed KaW what fear was and they let that spark burn out when they got rid of the rules that made him a terror. I learned to be horrible from the most horrible players exploiting the rules the best. They stacked the game to build cash and it's on a bad vector now to obsolescence.
  7. It was called GaW and FC
  8. As long as people are dropping 60 dollars an eb they won't waste the time or $ making a classic app. All of the money back in the day came from buying xtals to beat your opponents into submission. Thats like 3rd or 4th on the devs money maker nowadays compared to the 60 dollar eb and zta's.
  9. Sadly the early versions of the game had no clan system and was literally farming quests or other players. This kept everything low gold and made growth slow in ever facet of the game.
  10. How early are we talking like within 5 months of it lol? The golden era had clans, before that it was clans on forums. The golden era had clan farm lists.
  11. Original KaW was waaayyy better. You p*s whining about how no ebs are a bad thing just dont have what it takes to play a game that actually prompts you to compete and actually TRY at something. Being a player who has played all versions, I can say without a doubt that old KaW was so much more fun.
  12. FC was cool at first and was basically kaw but kaw was very much still thriving then not dying I think kaw current state may make such a game have a much better attach rate then back then where they came right back to kaw that was only in 2011 I believe 6 years ago itself.

    I won't say kaw is dying but it sure isn't growing much when I say current state
  13. I loved it back when there was no eb's fighting to buy back allies while being stripped. It was actually fun clan wars used to be fun too. I'd defo play again with the old assassin guild
  14. I think kaw today is a lot better than the original
  15. Yet they would never do it.....ATA makes money from SoDs and the like expecially with NK taking 10 to start and without EBs such as those ATA wouldn't make money like it does now.....this is basically a pipedream alot of people want it but it will never happen
  16. Kaw is only as fun as you make it. It's like when you buy a house.You have to fill the rooms with furniture of your own style and paint it or wallpaper it to your own design .You can make your house plain interior and minimolistic or go all out and lavish and posh.You just got to get creative and bring the fun back instead of questioning every little aspect of kaw :- what? If only , why,why,why did this have to happen ?!! Kaw is only as entertaining and lively as your imagination and the friends you roll with.My kaw house is tiny but rough n ready and always stands strong against the kaw elements and bullys.It is sad kaw members mostly have let that fractious enthusiasm vanish in favour of ebs and events.
  17. The original KAW sucked. Ev1 nostalgic for pwars but pwars sucked. It was best when there was clan wars for mith and clan prestige and rank ...start a classic KAW with clan wars for mith and prestige/rank. Have EBs but no equip drops from EBs (equip drops turned KAW into an Easter egg hunt) equip bought with mith upgrade with aqua/inferno from EB. ....no HTE/ZTA
  18. if play this kaw is dead, Pwars were the besf