KaW Servers?

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by BAGLE, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Sooo, anyone know what just went down on KaW servers? solid 25min of no connection.... :shock:
  2. It was aliens
  3. Ruined our war, give compensation.
  4. well they weren't fixing the stat glitch
  5. #poodlecorp
  6. Stat glitch??
  7. How do we know it's a glitch and not the true stats of these new ugs? *moonface*
  8. Live maintenance, they hit the wrong button. Servers take a bit to relaunch
  9. so it wasn't a dos? it wasn't an attempt to fix the huge mistake they made with the new level stats?

    it was incompetence?

    this is me not shocked.
  10. #IDemandAFreeXtalForMyTrubles
    Listen.. learn.. and resource
  13. A free Xtal for the debs making sure the game stays properly balanced? if they gave everyone an Xtal then it would still be un-balanced due to the amount of gold it would also bring in....
  14. if everyone outside the top 10k xtalled with prolific plunder, estoc, br, both crux, and the anniversary crux on a zta, that wouldn't equal the amount of gold that the glitch created.
  15. Never said it would, I just said it would still be un-balanced... :?:
  16. if one person makes quadrillions in gold in a matter of hours, that makes the game unbalanced.

    but if everyone makes a 100billion gold, then that would be balanced.

    learn the definition of "balance". find a scale. put a bunch of weight on one side. tell us what happens.

    now split the weight up evenly on both sides of the scale. did something different happen?

    learning is fun.
  17. not everyone would make 100bil, builds are different and each build gets a differing amount of plunder/gold per hit... a top player could easily make 100X the amount of a smaller player... it would still be unbalanced as the rich get richer and the poor/statless get poorer...
  18. you're an idiot.