KAW PVP Needs HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by nerds_play_kaw, Apr 16, 2019.


    I am NPK the great,

    Kaw in ur hands now. Take control of it.

    NPK 2020
  2. aren't you npk?

    Also in your op, you lied
  3. Kasama are you in the 4th grade what did I lie about. Can you explain.
  4. Tell it to get help idk why you're here telling us
  5. You're getting kind of angry, buddy.

    Also you lied about being great.

    You're in Pure Evil, you're not great at all

  6. nah i think youre just bad

  7. I have they have said they can't talk about mechanics. But math don't lie. They percent is around .0007% you think that good or bad

  8. Bad at what. Please explain. What if I told you ur really good at..... that what u just did.
  9. swr i pnz'd you the other day and you didnt even hit back
  10. and 1% is 13 steals bud idk what you mean about .00007 and 99% is 5000 steals... u making up numbers
  11. and whats the satisfaction of clearing someone with 500 hits... ur ideas are bad

  12. Who told you this. Iv asked around and ran some test my self. Seem like your going way overkill. Why is 500 bad it a goal that a solo farmer can reach farming a full night. n clan can use to really make changes in osw
  13. 500 steals is nothing.... i also have 3 seperate strip guides which all show 99% being around 5K

    u just wana be an OSW warrior but dont wana do the graft
  14. I have been warring the last 5-6 days n I have made gold and grew. What kind of warring is this. Shouldn't even be called warring if u ask me.
  15. 5-6days, damn u dedicated!
  16. I've been at war for 2 days, am I a soldier yet?

  17. Lol It clearly you either suck at reading or your just slow. This is currently. I have been warring since day one here fairy. Just don't make sense that a fairy like you can play this game way less. And grow 10 time faster then a farmer who supper active.

    You are clearly one of the cry babies who cries to the devs about farming.
  18. lol i see you accidently didnt reply to this
  19. Kasama with a breath like your you are the Atom bomb of kaw.
  20. can confirm he doesnt hit back