KaW Memories (Part 1?)

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  1. I'll never forget the time that Cor silenced me for "spamming" clan chat with three smiley faces, or the time he silenced me for asking for the castle code. Good times.
  2. @snoopy hah, I definitely had runescape. Think since '05? I believe I was 8 when I started, and played for a good long while :p

    @green I also had lincoln logs, I think those are better.

    @Nikki it's a different place, that's for sure. Nostalgia is always strange when so much has changed. If I was a little more pretentious I would wonder if it's like having kids.

    @Avatar I think I have two cc silences from 2011 alone. We used to all chat in the announcement, it got really confusing when two or more of us were silenced and up there simultaneously :lol: right, bacon? That's my contribution to the clan descrip.
  3. I played runescape up until 2014ish, around when I started getting serious into KaW.

    Was super great, and yeah I knew a lot of kids who played.. most were actually pretty good at the game.
  4. I love this post, Toast. As for tmh, this is his original tmh account. 
  5. When iChaos rage quit after being stripped 
  6. Even though this is a brand new account, I have remembered the olden days of Kaw, where troops and spies could only be as high as 4 mill cs each. Affordable compared to today's time. RedStar came out of nowhere too just as majesty was retiring, then came back, retired, came back, etc. Wulf was also the mod of mods. Rumors were that he even worked with ATA to make the game more fun. Moose the funny mod there to brighten the days of forum readers. I bet no one even remembers of benny the 3 month old mod. Yep if I still recall, benny was a mod for just 3 months. Same story with him too, retired, came back, etc.

    A dark time of no epic battles, just these 24-48 hour clan wars, where members from other clans helped out at the very end by making sure the enemy stayed pinned. Allies weren't the most active of people but they were useful for those willing to hire dead alts and forgotten accounts.

    I remember as well the time of Zaft....still not amused.

    911, AZTEC, and other big clans that carried the best of the best.

    (Btw, Aztec members, I miss you guys!!)

    So much has gone by in 7 years of playing this game, and I still can't believe I'm playing it. 

    One thing that will bring remembrance to to the 5-7 year old Kaw players is that the small noobs back then knew one player who didn't play for fun, she played just to talk. I'm sure lots have forgotten but I haven't, which is weird .


    Alright I'm done here back to being a eb fairy
  7. what are you on about mate?

    i was a moderator for over 3 years on multiple ATA apps. i was a moderator on kaw before moderators were a thing - it was a 'helper' back then :)
  8. So ur telling at 3 you was doing this ummm sorry dont buy it
  9. Why, WHY would you quote the entire op??

    Also you realize the account has a 7yr achievement... not a 3y..
  10. If you guys look at the bottom of my wall I cleared my wall so it shows some of the original wall art from 2012/2013. I had an account before this one that took part in the game's first month of opening but have since lost access to it and has been removed from the game. I Remember all the good old days lol
  11. Oh and great thread so bump:)
  12. I recall the time I thought my 1 mil combined stats were the bomb, and I was actually useful in RW's. I also remember how much I bitched when EB's came out. Good ole days
  13. Good job toasty on remembering the good ol'times in kaw remember PW wars and when war actually had to be actually plan during the week to war on weekends lol damn i miss those times
  14. Oh man. Such a great memorial thread... I do still have some old SS on an old hard drive somewhere.. and of course I still do have all the old versions of KaW still on my phone taking up space but I keep them for nostalgia
  15. Ah man back when the game was still fun to play.
  16. Jeez I remember dillybar, him and I go way back. Anyone remember the clan New Patriots or Conclave of Shadows? Those are my earliest memories of kaw
  17. Yeah colonial ran new patriots, he was a cool dude
  18. maybe might get in trouble for ded thread-ish but sheesh :lol: trip down memory lane :D love it