KaW Memories (Part 1?)

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  1. I figured I'd go through my old photobucket account and share some memories as well.

    Back in the day, the different stat-boosting propacks you now buy for nobility were separate paid apps that you had to download. You could also refer friends for nobility, crystals and an achievement. [​IMG]
    However, even after referrals were removed from the game, if you opened up one of the long-forgotten propacks apps, you could still access them. I ended up getting around 3 referrals a year after it was removed. Unfortunately, they made those propack apps unusable at some point since then.

    For a while, kaw (the account) was relatively cheap. I just wanted to show off that I moved owned them.

    Here are a few pictures of kaw in all chat, finally confirming that pears would end, and also that they wouldn't make T5. At least they were right about one of those.

    I'm sure I have more photos saved on my old iPod, but I haven't used it in years.
  2. Back when devs were far more amusing
  3. Good times.
  4. Cool. Starting on page 3 here.

    @Slayer: what a noob. Forges? No amount of forges can possibly beat my bc stables!

    @Snoopy: Second gen was weird because it was primarily composed of kids aged 13-15 or so. I was second gen, I believe. Bastion, THEBlade, Gen_Spartan, the whole lot.
    For reference, I consider Ghoomba and the bunchies obsession to be third gen, and then the 2010 xmas rush through the beginning of summer (dawn of ebs, people who didn't know life without pwars, etc) to be roughly fourth gen, since forums stopped evolving so fast. People like dilly, Cor, tmh, Kool-Aid Benny, those lot I'd consider first gen (plus a lot more names, but few would be recognized still). You'll notice it's a lot of moddy names.

    @Boba: yeah, golden age of ff was 2010-2011 I'd say. By 2012 there was so much and so much of it was bad, it was hard to pick out the good.

    Page 4:
    @Snoopy: that was the EXACT screenshot (coughoriginalcough) I was going to bring up. I was with a friend as I read the post, and exclaimed, "What! That's definitely *my* screenshot he stole!" but then I scrolled down and had quite the honest laugh at the caption <3

    @arkst fite me n00b.
    But good to see you again, it's been quite a while :) I'm glad you're still kicking!

    @Fatty: I'd love to see those ss if you have them, Hansel was a cool guy.
    Also wut. That clan was wayyyyyy newer than the joke, they uptook it long, LONG after the joke died completely.

    @Boba thanks for keeping me from having to say that.

    @Snoopy [​IMG]
    Sorry it's so grainy

    Page 5:
    @Bacon I have a screenie of like six KaW apps on my device once. Good times.

    @Real: yes, my entire childhood once I stopped playing outside

    EDIT: this post goes out to everyone who has ever claimed I post farm. Love you guys that try that, great fact-checking </3
  5. Don't worry Toast. If you believe the rumors, I, too, post-farm ;-) . Just look at my simple, short post!

    Aside, PvP-Mode: On. Fight my inactivity, I dare you :cool:
  6. [​IMG]

    Ally leaderboard in March 2011.


    Record breaking PW also in March 2011


    Glitch used to make bank on The Haunting
  7. Bakugan Brawlers... man that brings some memories!


    Second gen was the reason I left forums until third gen :lol: it was a bit awkward for me as I had never had to entertain 12 year old children prior, and never did. I quit the game around that time actually as I found the members of the community coming far more weird and more "social" less warring. Now I really don't mind it, but at the time it was a new concept for me to see that.
  8. Damn this thread is all kinds of nostalgia for me :')

    I remember when EBs first came out, I barely spoke to anyone in the game and rarely played it but I was so hyped that they gave so much gold that I started playing soooo much
  9. Another mention. I feel old now.
  10. Lots of old recognizable names on these SS, most impressive on how much u see kaw compared to now. How about an old bubble butt opening in wc ss, yes spies use to open in wc b4 pw era
  11. Thank you for this post! It sure brought back many fond memories.
  12. My favourite part of this thread, was remembering that I played kaw on an iPod touch 
  13. And now we have that almost every upper level eb, it's insane.

    @Snoopy the people who started showing up by september or october of 2010 were weird and gross. That whole bunchie thing? Awful, it almost made me quit I hated it so much. And I was a young person :lol: (still am, but not to the same extent).

    @BeatIe wow, it's almost like belle had a real life

    @BARON yeah and then realizing (after devs nerfed osfs) that you *might* get one hit in, if you were lucky. Having an osf for just your clan between wars was so much easier.

    @Muffles anytime, I'm just here to sit on the porch and yell at kids to get off my lawn.

    @Hiphop ikr, though honestly I think I preferred KaW on apple vs android. Android's layout is much more navigable, but since I always used KaW mostly for socializing, it's soooo much easier to type on apple devices (I'm sorry android people [including me], but typing on apple devices is much more responsive and has a better autocorrect).
  14. Memories! Nothing more than memories.

    I see moobs
  15. @Superman, Memories of Nobody?
  16. Toast, most of memorable friends over the my 6 years of playing have left. The nothingness is overwhelming. I've met a few though over time in RL. I remember most of your aliases.
  17. I mean, I've had at least 20 name changes toast-related and otherwise, so that's fairly impressive. I try to find good friends on fb if they ever by chance log in here at the right time, but so many friends have been gone for so long. There are more than a few I'd love to see again now that we're both grown up, and others who were already grown up that I'd like to say more words to.
  18. I'm assuming you'd be keeping this one, eh? iamtoast was a decent one also.

    As to continue the discussion on weird, young middle school aged internet warriors, at the time I was younger, but at the point where I was older and more mature than practically everyone else on the forums.

    I lived by the motto, "The few, the proud, the mature." For the majority of my 2011-2014 forum days.