KaW Mass Reset

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  1. If u guys think that Ata will respond to ur demands,it means u r dreaming
    Law is too money sucking
  2. OP be like.

  3. yeah, i really want to see everyone race for stats for the next 12 months.

    thats great if your kingdoms only hits ebs all day. buy any ee/osw/pvp players arent going to make that growth sacrifice again.

    why would anyone want to see this happen?
    if anyone thinks its the stats that are holding them back, then they are in denial. within a few weeks the same people/clans will still be the same people/clans.
  4. I'm not in denial lol I'm in a B2b HtE clan and I could care less about stats. I was just saying that it would be interesting to see. I know it would never happen. It was only a discussion
  5. ok, im just saying it really wouldnt be interesting.
  6. Absolutely no hope whatsoever
  7. No to many looking for easy volly money. I personal bought orles that was 1.4 bill. As soon as I tried to drop for a new player with no allies. The over mp volly vaulters would not let me drop under 350 mill, before getting volly back up.
    Right there shows the greed that the players have not just the devs.
  8. What u should ask for is a kaw starters game what it is is normal kaw but it starts at new everyone back at the start of the game is forced shut down they can merge members from there to here as it's the very same game lol
  9. Could be a promo like this but Instead of resetting just stats, bfe, and bfa wouldn't matter everyone could hit each other no matter size
  10. trust me on this, its not the stats holding people back from hitting someone.

    though bringing that up, a pvp event that would somehow make everyone anonymous...
  11. ...and the downside is? The game will die eventually. Why not crash n burn?
  12. Additional upside....the leaderboards would become attainable for all players who want it...for a short time anyway.
  13. Yearly Allie reset price reset
  14. I would call it "The Yearly Reset Account Price Reset Day Of Resets And Quitting"
  15. Instead of making everyone ever mad enough to quit why not change the idea, instead of resetting everyone have devs make a seperate game, KaW but before eb's pw and ee. Everyone interested would start at square one and there would be no more eb fairies. Win win.
  16. we could name it 'future combat' or 'gangs at war'. i dont know why, but those two names have a familiar ring to them.
  17. I think that perhaps, and I have seen this happen with lots of other online games, but not with one like this.

    If there were different game 'Worlds' or 'Servers' where you can chose from, let's say, 5 different 'Worlds.' I think that this might help the distribution of players more evenly.

    Support/No Support, let's see! :)