KaW Mass Reset

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  1. So as the title hints, it would be interesting if the devs reset every player back to square one.

    I know players pay real money for the stats they have.. but... This game will die eventually, making the account you paid for worthless anyway.

    With the amount of gold floating around (61T stateless account) and promos making it much easier to make insane plunder, maybe a fresh start is what this game needs. The ally market would be back to normal and everyone would be on the same level.

    It would make this game fun again. Fighting for well priced/stat allies, fighting for LB, fighting in general..

    Eventually KaW would go back to its old ways, but I'd say it'd be one hell of a time.

    (This idea may be stupid but I've been in the hospital with my newborn for a long time and I'm over due for a nap :lol: )
  2. possible flaw: everyone quits, devs lose all of ther cash, no more ATA lol
  3. Sorry, but no.
    So many pros to this...
    And yet the amount of cons to this idea would make Nyan Cat stop pooping rainbows.
    By that failed metaphor/analogy I mean to say that the cons overwhelm the pros.
  4. Congrats!

    That would be a fun and entertaining kaw to be a part of, everyone starting at square one. A nice premiss, but something that could never happen.
  5. Lawsuit waiting to happen
  6. Maybe if they made servers and started a new one and ask if people want to move and strt at square 1 at new server or stay here. Would get a new perspective at kaw
  7. I was about to say the same thing. If this happened, anybody that wanted to that has spent event a dollar on this game could sue the developers for all they own. That is practically stealing money.
  8. Was there lawsuits when the devs pulled GaW/FC? It's free to play. When the devs pull the game they don't owe the money spenders anything. (That I know of)
  9. How about you BETA test this..... You reset 1st and tell us what its like?
  10. Yo Einstein have a nap..a long one
  11. It would be interesting to see what happen
  12. No support ata would lose 98% of their kaw customers.

    They are more likely to shut down the game forever than reset everybody. If anything they would just start a new game app.
  13. If they reset everyone and keep everything about the game I think it ally market would just be dominated by lb and nobody else because they can't get decent inactive allies
  14. I second this.
  15. If I just reset it isn't gonna solve anything. I was talking about bringing balance back into the game.
  16. What balance r u speaking of?
    R u saying ppl who play most gain nothing?

    Challenge: refuse a raise at work n keep your pay scale at Day 1 levels.
    We don't want ppl striving to gain do we
  17. they reset inactive accs for room to the servers y do u think we have down time
  18. I'm just saying if they wanted to bring balance back reset everyone's BB if devs force reset accounts they would be screwed no accounts would ever grow because everyone could farm you because your the same size there would be no clans for people to hit ebs on
  19. I like dis
  20. Point made. Never thought of it that way. I strive to be number 1 overall, just like I strive to be CEO. Though both are far fetched lol