KaW has taken its toll...

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  1. Lol I'm honoured to be a part of the toll 
  2. You've been gone from KAW 2 years and still have the phone you had before you left?
  3. No, but your autocorrect dictionary is something your iPhone saves when you backup an old one and restore to a new one.
  4. You can transfer account to new phone 
  5. Yet he has more respect than you :|
  6. Whenever I type taco. Taco rp is suggested. ..
  7. Lel autokawrect too strong :3 i dont have autokawrect turned on but ive added some things that autokawrect even when turned off :p basically just things im too lazy to type out each time
  8. I would love to see their reaction
  9. Just an idea...
    Turn off auto-incorrect
  10. It's useful more that it isn't in my case.
  11. After all my hits on zaft ghost legendz my phone just types it out for me. Makes it easier for me i guess.
  12. Awe :3 it's cute, I remember when my phone had those settings
  13. There is a shortcut keyboard for frequently used words. Quite useful in osw ️