Kaw Freestyle Cypher 2014

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  1. **** this ****
  2. Smh haters gonna hate:(
  3. Hey rices cakes do your remember this saying?
  4. I did your mom.....a favor........by making you......a sandwich
  5. Lol can't beat the classics, still funny
  6. Mine was a joke I'll have ago later tho
  7. Lol and you thought that was funny you just waisted your time doing all that lol stop dick eating
  8. Soft kitty
    Warm kitty
    Little ball of fur
    Happy kitty
    Sleepy kitty
    Pur pur purr
  9. Why won't it let me post my freestyle?
  10. I play all my girls like a motha f ing xbox I'm blowing on trees like the motha f ing sap hot. Passing these blunts like a track meet. I blow right by ya as if you could catch me.
    Nah, I ain't no Facebook user and rather post on kaw. But I bend your girl over make her talk to the wall.
    Yes there's a lack of rhyme but I'm still gonna shine. Lurkers reading this...ha, I just stole your time. You better check your watch cuz your chick disappeared. No, I'm not Houdini and I won't shed a tear
  11. You musnt have much girls if you play em like an xbox, thats literally impossible.
  12. Skunkguts, rooftop rhymer, googob slimer, got the gutters filled with that Brill boy primer, Joe aka the agent, put you on blast, heard the first night you let Brill smash, not tryna hate, to each his own, I just pulled out the laser, pwn pwn pwn. #OMGIMABEAST #FLAWLESSVICTORY
  13. Bend your girl over make her talk to the wall lol not bad skunk
  14. Radio rappers advertising as hip-HOP
    Take away the gold chains and their just hip-POP
    Put them on the corner with a mean beat box
    All you gonna get are deer in the head lights, they just stop

    you only impress 14 year olds
    they the only ones buying the albums that you sold
    But we all know that your gold record dont glitter thats for damn sure

    So what you got next?
    Gonna be another Puffy pet project?
    Justin Beiber on your remix?
    Rip off another rock and roll hit?
    A video talkin about pimpin chicks?

    Finding good music shouldnt be hard
    At least i know where to find Binary Star
    All ways carry the Arsonist if i go to far
    Rakim always in the mix
    Dela soul for my funky fix
    Words Worth and Punch line always a rare find
    The Funky Homosapian is always on time
    Slug the Sad Clown can always be found
    Latyrix never fells with a fresh new sound
    KrsOne i hope is always around

    For the rest of you, im glad i can just turn the radio down.

    Word to ya mother
  15. Ah epic is a pure old school hip hop fan
  16. Mentioning people like rakem and KRS1 and the group del la soul not a lot of young people know about them
  17. But as one of those young people proud to say I do :)
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