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  1. KaW's economy has gown down since the pwar era... Back then a 100k combined player cost 1-2,5 billion coins now 4-5 billion and with all others the same then clans cost 3 bil now 20 billion everybody earns the same amount of money but prices are way higher the economy is really down

    any suggestions how to get it back as it use to be.
  2. Actually we earn more in EBs now . If inflation is what's happening blame it on red-star lol.
  3. This is because newbies rely to much on being Vollied to make Money... My only suggestion is that people start using the drop volley method to keep hire prices down...

    The downfall to drop volley is that it's completely nothing but wasted money to the person who keeps.. So you'd have to be either a very rich HLBC or very generous to do this
  4. For 45b (when t4 first came out) you could get an ally with 2.5m-3m combined stats. Now it barely breaks 1m combined for 45b
  5. it's the eKaWnomy
  6. Oh and it's called inflation.
  7. Btw, this is the economy of KaW, it's the ally market.
  8. lol anyone else notice that paul peterjohn has no owner because he's overpriced?
  9. I'm overpriced I'm the problem of the economy but I fact I never got volleyed
  10. Why blame redstar
  11. @paulpeterjohn...

    Don't feel bad. Loom at youngyoshi (#2 on valuable LB)
  12. Why blame redstar
  13. Any more debates?
  14. Quite simple - money is always being added to the eKaWnomy. The only way to remove money is via dropping/reseting allies and players, selling pots, selling buildings, buying land, and making clans (though long term this will probably add more).

    Have to increase the rate at which those are done to deflate the eKaWnomy. Remember when highlands came out? For 200bil I could have 5mil spy atk and spy def bonus from allies. Was 25k spy attack per bil invested. Now it's about 10. Bad.

    Like I said, unless you "delete" gold from the system, it'll only get worse
  15. At some point in time, allies with 100k combined will be valued at 10b. Inflation happens, and happens fast due to cash coming in is has a higher ratio over players joining/upgrading.