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  1. The idea of "CLAN BANKS" has been sound for a while and this came to me whilst reading a couple forums on it.....

    The basic principle of this idea is to be able to put a certain amount of gold into a "Bank" and leave it there for a number of days and what this would do is increase overtime as there would be an intrest onnit for example 3%increase every week this would
    allow another source of gold

    For example:
    If you banked 50T overtime it would build up to 60t and so on

    This would be a great addition to the game and I think many people will enjoy it!

  2. Would be a lot easier to transfer gold from alts so no support.
  3. How would this help transferring gold?
    Something like 80% of the gold is lost in transfer. That's a long time to build back with 3% interest per week.

    However the devs have stated that they will likely never put banking into the game. They like the risk vs reward style banking we have in bars currently, and I generally have to agree.
  4. What? Read the thread please. He's talking about a bank so everyone can stick their gold from alts in the bank and withdraw it with their main not hard to work out. 80% lost? you obviously haven't done many volleys.
  5. No that isn't what it says. It says nothing about others. All it says is put your gold into.

    Tell me where it says anyone else can pull it out?
  6. So is it just going to stay in the bank forever then? Use your brain.
  7. You pull it out yourself when the interest has increased it enough. Exactly what it says in the thread. Use your brain.
  8. You clearly can't read so try reading the thread again and get back to me. Its a CLAN BANK meaning it could benefit everyone in the clan lol silver bars are your individual bank or allies.
  9. Yes because the one thing this game needs is more gold.... it will only further bridge the gap in the player base. The rich will get richer and the 3% bonus won't make a dent in what the smaller players need
  10. Or we can use the bank for clan..

    Like buying roles and some battle cries, or using that gold as tokens to help newbies grow..

    Eg 5t in bank can change to 1 complete abyss land build complete.. NOTE - LAND should be bought by that player..

    And that player should be in clan for min of 15-7 days..
  11. No its not. The op mentions clan banks, then goes to say this idea came to him later. Hello. Are you an idiot?
  12. Tbh it doesn't say anything about it being for an individual lol it only mentions clan bank. If it was for an individual I'd still say no support just to clear that up.
  13. You need to go back to school.
  14. Gosh no thanks school was terrible.
  15. That explains a lot.
  16. Still kind of want to know how you're losing 80% of gold transferring to another account to be honest with you. Not really that important though I suppose.