KaW 2: Star wars edition

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  1. So I watched the new star wars today, was awesome. And I tend to think KaW is awesome as well, so I decided to hypothetically mesh the two into a new game.

    Imagine if ATA hooked up with whoever grants rights to star wars to make a new game.....gives me a chubby thinking about it..

    So the game is just like kaw essentially as far as mechenics, still click and hit on profile pages at will..But the game is set in the star wars universe.

    Upon entering game you choose one side, Sith Lord or Jedi Knight, you then get the option to pick an avatar from one of the many races in the star wars universe to be displayed on your profile page instead of just your name and gear, and this avatar is shown directly wearing whatever gear you have equipped.

    Both sides are in same server but you can only attack members of opposing faction. Here's the fun part, have large scale system wars for different territories in the star wars universe, wichever side holds that territory, be it sith or jedi, receive certain perks from holding that planet or galaxy or what have you..Like maybe the jedis hold this galaxy wich gives plus 25% EB plunder, the sith hold another galaxy that gives plus 10% attack, etc etc. And we have weekly challenges for those galaxies where they have to be defended. Jedi getting your butt kicked by the sith? Put together a few large scale strips to knock them down a notch in between wars.

    As far as the two attack bars? I like this part....The KaW attack bar is your light sabre attack now amd the spy bar is replaced by your force power....Do you want your Jedi Knight or Sith Lord to be an unrivaled master with the sabre who although able to use the force is not very strong in it? (Aka attack build)
    Or do you want him/her to be a master of the force who can bend anything to his will but never really excelled in melee combat? (Aka hansel)
    Or do you want a Hybrid, someone talented with both but master of neither...
    The building process could be just like kaw as far as freedom of character build.

    There was actually a star wars game I stumbled upon in thr app store, its a card game and its horrible.....I mean do the guys who agree to let companies make these games even play games their selves? A million ways the star wars franchise could of been made into an epic app game by a company like ata....Instead we got that turd :(

    Anyway thats all I got, please add ideas to our hypothetical game.......we can always dream
  2. That's not that bad of idea. I think I'd have fun because I'm a Star Wars fan.
  3. No support. I saw the movie but I didn't like it at all whatsoever.
  4. Not bad? Lol..Come on, a star wars fan would trade their mother for this game..I mean its a very rough draft but I'm no designer or writer, in the right hands could be a jewel though
  5. Eh star wars isn't for everyone, but it has one of the largest fan bases if not the largest of any sci fi/fantasy series.
  6. I'll give you 5 star war dollars. I'm in
  7. I like the idea. Make a bounty list there too.
  8. But if someone IRL was to throw me a lightsaber and told me to challenge em, I would cause it's something fun to do.
  9. I think there is a similar game with Star Wars theme. In addition, Disney doesn't need to go to an indi like ATA to pull this off.
  10. There is no app game anything like this...and apparently they do need to go to an indi to get it done bc the current star wars app game is horrid
  11. Got this off Galaxy Voyage didn't you?
  12. Never heard of it, is an app game or console?
  13. I love this idea. Support
  14. I just downloaded and tried it :( uh how is that in any way like what I described? Turn based space ship war crap game lol
  15. They already made that. They ended support for it and took it off the App store. #ripFC #neverforget

  16. FC was nothing like what I'm shooting for...it was a ghetto copy paste of kaw....I'm actually talking about changing some things
  17. Ya my bank account would hate me if this game came out
  18. Will it have the same sound effects as in the movie?