Justin Beiber "Baby"

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  1. Happy 10 year anniversary to BABY!!!! A hit song that Justin Bieber sang and that is still going strong to this day. This song has a very interesting history in which I feel the need to educate the world on. Most people think that Justin Bieber wrote this song himself but in fact it was written by 4 people. Justin Bieber , Christina Millian, Christopher “Ticky” Stewart , R and B singer The-Dream . Tricky Stewart and The-Dream took the lead on this song and also produced it . Which tells us all why this song has a different feel to it than the usual Justin Bieber rhythms. Cool note on this DUo writing team - they are notoriously known for their quick writing style so it would not be surprising to learn this little gem was written in under 20 min. You won’t find this in your internet searches about this song . I just happen to know this little fact because I am related to the crazy talented Tricky Stewart. Another cool note is that was about the same timing Single Ladies and Umbrella were written in.... back to Baby . What’s really cool and interesting about Baby and a testament to its writers is generally when a song starts to get less and less playtime on the “radio” it disappeares . This is not so with BaBy . Baby it’s still very much massively successful. It has over 2.3 billion views on You tube and over 16 million likes on you tube.
    Justin Bieber was only 16 years old when he first sang this song . At that time he was being vocally coached by Kuk . Another great producer and song writer to many of Justin Bieber songs. The album “My World” had an amazing team of artists behind it and it’s no wonder Justin Bieber sky rocketed around the world .
    This song BABY REACHED the 12th spot on the Canadian Hot 100 within a week of its release . It was also a huge success peaking at number one in France and Scotland , and charting in the top 10 of the United Kingdom , United States , Australia,Noraway ,Jason an, Ireland, Hungary , Bgium , Slovakia and of course Canada . Can you imagine how much money not only Justin Bieber made from this gem but also the team that wrote and produced this little song ? Oh I forgot to mention this song was also the most successful single of 2010 in France !
    BABY HAS received so many positive reviews from critics all around because it crosses over so many different types of writing styles . For example , it starts out with a melodic piano and then combines Dance Pop and Hip hop with influences of Doo Wop . (This is a style that Tricky and Dream tend to do so successfully in much of their work ) however I do believe the rapper of this song Baby brings the Urban Twist that really puts that edge into this song . Ludacris a rapper originally from Chicago is next level and pulls it all together. The video is also pretty strong with cameos from artist such as DRAKE , Lil Twist and the girl Justin Bieber is chasing happens to be Tanasche . Big shout out to the A team behind this 10 year old song . Congratulations !!!
  2. This can’t be real. J.B is my favourite artist and follows me on Twitter
  3. Rupert Bieber > Justin Bieber just saying 🌝
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  8. Im glad you are so passionate over a song skadhi- it's not my cup of tea but im glad you enjoy it 😆
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  9. I would like to wish a happy 10 year anniversary to my favourite rapper, Justin bieber. I will never forget the lyrics to one of his greatest songs ever (how could anyone). The lyrics are "I thought you'd always be mine (mine)". Can you believe those lyrics? The lyrics really grab your attention, not simply because they are catchy, but also because of how well they fit in with the rest of the lyrics, both in terms of rhyme and meaning