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  1. Why does this new game look like it's marketed at 11 year olds?
  2. That's what I said lol. The interface gives me a general feeling as if I'm that age lol
  3. I stopped playing it due to the art style. I did give it a try. But when I received the items with 'barf' in the name I knew I wouldn't be keeping the game. The gameplay is definitely fun and unique though.
  4. Ok for kids, no long term appeal for me,keeps crashing, won't be keeping it,
  5. Gave the game a try for a few hours... was very 10 year old like. Disappointed by the layout and actual game play.

    Game overall 4/10
    Game play 2/10
    Game appearance 3/10
    ATA concept for new game D+
    Please continue to improve KAW.
    Merry Christmas
  6. Having problems getting on u sure u got bugs worked out for android ???
  7. Same. Uhhm. Not sure what ATA was thinking.
  8. @KaW_Com

    In addition to these promised goodies, can you please send me a cookie, or a muffin, or maybe even a pie?

    Thanks. Please enable me.

    Yours forever,

  9. Honestly I think the beta testing was rushed a bit but at the same time it was a small group of beta testers so only a small sample was possible. As a beta tester for smash I saw there was a lot of issues that were wiped out early on and some crashes like in multi district attacks were not completely removed but now are less common. This release is pretty much an open beta test in my eyes and will help the devs finish off killing the bugs.
  10. The game is not supported on my device. 
  11. Felt the same.
  12. You're not entirely wrong. Beta testing is great for finding some of the more apparent bugs that affect large groups of players. Some of the other random bugs (even the second district crash) affected such a small number of players that ensuring we had a fix that worked for everyone wasn't actually possible.

    We've got a lot more data now that we're at scale which helps the developers on SMASH fix things even faster. Getting out before the holidays is also a huge bonus.
  13. Amazing work everyone, we're now in Top 10!

    Rewards will be set to go out through startup message momentarily.
  14. I got to admit, these monthly free xtals add up.

  15. You never responded to my cookie request.

    Is it that you don't love me?
  16. I tried finding a world chat as they exist in other ATA games but couldn't find one. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the game yet... Idk
  17. Sadly I have no cookies, pies, or sweets on hand :(

    World chat for SMASH is located on the bottom of the game screens. Just tap and it'll open right up.
  18. Thx for the free goodies
  19. Well downloaded it on all 7 devices and gave it 5 stars