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  1. GO BLUE!

    Order will be restored in the Big 10!
  2. Is that a good thing?
  3. go illini
  4. Who cares, it's not even the good type of football
  5. I didnt realize that KaW was on xbox live. Go back to Call of Duty with the 'your mom' insults. If you can call them insults.
  6. It wont matter Michigan sucks .... Go Green !!!!!!!

    Sparty On ^°^
  7. He didn't sign yet
  8. Still wont be enough to beat my Buckeyes. O-H...I-O
  9. Nick Saban ain't worried
  11. Is Jim Harbaugh a good player?
  12. Lol. Like Harbaugh will be there very long.
  13. He's the 49ers coach. And I think he used to be a michigan player. I like the guy
  14. Totes is. Probably the best kicker in HS ever. Saw him make a 67 yard kick with 30 mph winds going against the kick. Floated like a gazelle in the saranghetti simply gracefully grazing. It was like Jesus made his second coming just to guide the ball to where it belonged.
  15. It's his alma matar and one of the best top jobs in college football.. Tradition, The Big House(stadium that seats 100,000 plus), big school with great fan base.. They just play in a crap conference

    It would be tough for him to turn down
  16. Michigan sucks ass. I could give Big Blue a 10 point lead on every Big Ten team and the Wolverine players would still be grabbing teammate's asses.
  17. green? spartans already lost narduzzi and now harbaugh to big brother. i understand why you are crying spartans
  18. They aren't crying. Those are tears of laughter of watching crappy teams walk all over Michigan.
  19. CF Granted