Jackvale_v_Hansel My Bio Aug 28

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  1. Jack vale was born into WaR
    During his childhood he had the Honors of Sitting back and learning Tactics and learned to survive.

    The reason every Kingdom in AtA called him JackVale_v_Hansel was well his name was Jack and back when he was young an didn't play nice moves Jack called out some Hansel's that kicked his Ass.
    (Note- He later converted to Hansel seeing it was kick ass Army and calls out every build to this day)
    Later on Jack Discovered one of the greatest alliances out there a kingdom could join ...He called it a "Clan" most big and badass alliances had about 100 Kingdom's.

    Jack Stayed in War against Clans and even clans and their Alliances as well as Kingdom's and was victorious most of the times because he Ran Ran and Ran GAME PLAYS through his head to defeat his enemies.

    In this current year many try to break Jack trying to force his kingdom into an uncontrollable one some people use the single word "Reset" or "Quit" but Jackvale Kingdom is Strong and Powerful
    No matter What!

    Thank you for your time
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