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  1. No need to be an ass Zaln. I was just saying. Ya don't need to ignore one person's request and then rate another's. THAT is rude.
  2. Do note that this is a service. It is rude to demand. So what if I rated someone's before you. Maybe I am not interested at the moment? Jeez, this is a SERVICE. We don't intentionally take requests. What's so special about rating yours? It's popular already.

  3. Because I wanted to have it rated. You seemed honest in your ratings and I wanted an honest opinion of it. And I did not "demand" it. I asked politely all FIVE times I asked. If you are just going to ignore someone then tell them you will get to it later. Ignoring their request is bad service.
  4. Tch, just wait some more then. I have other things, but if I can, I'll get around to more ratings.

  5. Alright. And I apologize for sounding rude. That honestly was not my intention. Good luck with your writing co. Sounds like you have some good standards so I expect classics. Lol
  6. Sorry for the inconveniences I have caused. I will personally attend to the review myself if you wish.

  7. No need to rush, my friend. Sorry for getting all pissy. I'm in a bad mood if you can't tell. Lol
  8. Couldn't, the Lol offsets it.

  9. Ahhh, gonna be gone till 2am or so...

  10. I rated a story on iRate! Woot! I might rate maid of ycha soon....
  11. Nice.

  12. Bahump.

  13. Hmm... I wonder if this would apply to poetry...

  14. Still waiting for that rating df. Lol
  15. I'm interested in a writing endorsement. I don't have a title though, maybe I'll think of one at the end. Here's what I have written so far.

    As I gaze out the window, I start to feel a pain. My heart is beating, and my chest is breathing, but something, something was amiss. The pain intensifies to such heights as it feels as if a knife penetrating my skin, tearing my organs to shreds. But the pain is untraceable. It drives me to the point of insanity to where I would and could and did believe that the bird in view through the pane was mocking me. It was causing my pain. A devilish grin passed across it's dreadful beak. It has been sent after me. Will finally pay for what I have done? No. Never! I have done nothing wrong that can be proven in a just court of law! My deed shall never be known. Not as long as I live.
  16. Sounds intensive. You have excellent descriptive skills. I would support. Umm, but what genre?

  17. I don't think it will fit cleanly into any one genre. But it won't be one for the faint of heart.
  18. Wait so where do we submit the story?
  19. Well this didn't last long.