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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Bastion, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Haha I sit next to two hawt girls in biology and yeah I feel the same man it's getting hard to manage and it's only been a day
  2. I haven't finished my homework.. Not even half of it. And it's the first day. 
  3. I gtg to bed, night kleezles gl with hw lol took me like 20mins but I finally finished
  4. Gnight. Maybe I should get off too.. xD
  5. Wyvern: My story is finally up; should I have separated it a bit more for the first chapter? :(
  6. Wyvern, it's cool if you do a long chapter, but if you do keep Them consistently long.

    Sure tant, writer or editor?
  7. Y is my name on there? I'm not in Iwritco I'm in my own company crazyfreakshow co.™
  8. crazyfreakshow co.? wow
  9. Okay tant I'll add ya when I can

    Because you signed up arimay, somewhere.
  10. Anyone need help with anything?
  11. Hey bast I'm almost done with the sign up for my story but I need one more person for it u wanna b in it
  12. I didn't sign up so get me off of there please thx!
  13. Sure I'll sign up German and arimay fine but you signed up check through the pages. Trust me, it's....nvm I won't be mean
  14. Bastion I wanna join

    Last time I nvr wrote a story but this I gonna to
  15. Okay ill add you later
  16. Hey bastion I put up the prolouge on the signup thread check it out I think ur gonna like it
  17. I think i might shut down iwrite I'm too busy now as you can tell from my inactivity the past three days.