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  1. Hosted by the kaw strip club
  2. :O i will not!!!
  3. It's ok it will have all the breakfast foods u can eat
  4. Hey marodo I haven't even started chapter three. I've been to busy doing nothing all day. And a little depressed because of certain things
  5. Aww, well if u need any help wall me
  6. I'll be fine I'll write some stuff tomorrow or maybe tonight if I feel like it
  7. I lied it's not hosted by them
  8. Come on guys u want to go to the party
  9. Let's try and keep this thread to the stories. Not the party. Use other threads for that kind of stuff
  10. support the Demon Chronicles
  11. I'm gunna write some stuff but I've got an editor n **** already so I'm doing this solo
  12. Support 
  13. I have two story ideas in my head, but I wanna write them, but I have that Pokon thing and I'm having Writer's B...

  14. If u need any help zaln u can pal me
  15. I would like to apply for Risque writing or descriptive writing style. Thanks.
  16. I'm sorry but plz put that in a simpler form
  17. I'm using the computer, and it says that the the first post (the bastion one) was editted eight times lol.