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  1. Is there anyway to get 2 accounts on one phone? I have an iphone.
  2. Pretty sure the rules only allow for 1 account per device but up to 5 devices linked for any 1 account....though I have been known to be wrong.....from time to time....
  3. Something called blue stacks or blue chips i think
  4. Tell me more
  5. This is something you’d want to ask privately
  6. Answer is no.....unless you can hack 
  7. Yes you can use not only 2 buy more than 50 accounts in iphone. And its not illegal. Keeping multiple accounts are recommended. Even the third party apps like parallel space are illegal. So you can logout from your current account and login your other alts simultaneously. Before than just ensure that all of your accounts are linked.
  8. Unlink then re-login every time mate
  9. What?
  10. Won't you get banned
  11. Some people use puffin to make alts if you're on iPhone, it's not great but best thing I know about. If you're on android most people use parallel space.

  12. Eventually
  13. If this has been answered by a Mod wouldn’t you just lock it .....I swear you guys only do your job when you are pushed to do so. Friggin resign if you can’t figure the requirements for being a Mod
  14. ATA enforcing rules that arent completely stupid forum rules like locking random threads? Nice joke. No, you wont be banned.
Thread Status:
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