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  1. I think i have become a complaining kid , but i seriously think the season 5 is another reason for my ever rising complaints

    Cant we keep S5 more simpler ?
    Cant we make s5 similar to chaos wars but attracting more people for war?

    yes , perhaps that will be the best way.

    The things that many people find hard to digest

    1) 30 people war company
    how can we choose 20-25 people out of 30 people from diff time zone

    2) No indi war
    devs wanna attracts peeps for war without providing us a free participation
    3)2 hrs war
    we like to do war !! but what 2 hrs for war??
    4) 2 regen
    devs u hardly give 60 xtals after spamming quests thousand time !! these 60 xtals will get vanished on 30 wars

    Plz do not keep on trying all new thingies !! give us what we are better at

    hope u will listen
  2. Some of this was good, I hope they listen... Longer wars are all out boring
  3. Theres a thread about s5, this belongs there
  4. "surprise, you may have to war at bad time zones. Deal with it."

    The Devs really over estimate how much people care about this game.

    This system is actually moronic. Clans with 100 people barely field rosters for 15v15 and they think 30 people will be able to field 20 people.