is anyone else sick if this tactic

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  1. Support.

    Silly hard to read names make warring less fun. The idea of posting both both #clan rank and name on all KOs is a very good one, and solves much of the problem.

    Perhaps the same thing to report all incoming activity: show both clan rank and name. That would let people focus on the more enjoyable aspect of wars, rather than cutting & pasting names.

    People could still use barcodes if they wanted, but it there would not be so much frustration for the opposing side.
  2. Yeaaaahhhh! We wanna war in peace!
  3. That's a war tactic; every clan has one. You either deal with that, or don't war at all.
  4. actual tactics that are not abusing the mechanics of war should be left alone.

    For instance a clan i faced in ee kicked a few inactive's at each of there xstal runs. We didnt realize it till the blitz but they planned it. Should i demand that this be stopped? No :lol:

    The clan ranks shifted and caused just enough confusion each time to give them the victory.

    That was the best team ive fought and the best war ive been in.
  5. I don't really care either way. Though barcode=pansy if you are a real warrior you want you opponents to know who you are.
  6. I have no problem reading the murder war barcodes lol. its not like their all i's and L's or x's. don't thinkit's fair to them to be singled out.
  7. I don't like the bar codes, i find it a lame tactic, but thats just an opinion.
    however they haven't stopped me from finding my target. 
    I'm on I phone and can't see all the name, but with a little prep they easy to find.

    If you want to change your name and be 1 of 30 with the same name, good for you. 
    I prefer to let everyone see who is hitting them. 
  8. Only people who would whine about barcodes are those who want easy wins. Lol. Lock this useless thread. :D
  9. Everyone has the own strategy on how they want to war. Some agree some don't agree :lol:

    At end of day its just a game so my words of advice are CALM DOWN :p take a chill pill

    If your mad at barcodes > simple fix> change your name to barcode

    you don't like guilds ? create a guild alt yourself or change your build

    but please stop the crying its only a game :D

    Like they say 'if you can't beat them then join them'
  10. Just call out there number dont read the name
  11. That's often easier said than done. Links in news doesn't bring you to their number on clan list, neither does KO reports show numbers. Only thing that helps is being on pc and copy paste like others have said. And even then it's plenty of work to provide link for those that are on idevices. So yeah, it's rather frustrating to come up against, but not much you can do.
  12. OP s a idiot war nub...bitching about stupid ****!
  13. Actually its not very difficult to track on idevice l I there ks an obvious difference between the upper case I and lower case l
  14. It's guerrilla warfare in kaw!
  15. copy paste block follow!!!wat noob
  16. Just barcodes yes. Murder war names we all readable.
    @ Thor the war between us and -RCA- was a insanely mismatch. I'm not saying they wouldn't have beat us in a even match in numbers. We spoke with -RCA- owner so leave that one there.
    You can have a clan full of same names with slight variations that's just as bad to read as barcodes. So! We war and get in with it
  17. Oh which one are you |||||? LOL :p
  18. Thor LOR. I warred today. With murder war. We had a Great War. In fact very close. So Thor look at urself. Haha. Keep up. This is progression.