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  1. Hurricane Irma monster storm and I happen to live in fl and wondering what others that live in the state are doing.
  2. ATA is going to run a promo for you. You'd be fine.
  3. I am no where near hurricane Irma or Jose or was near Harvey.

    My thoughts go out to all involved in these hurricanes. I hope there’ll be enough help to get y’all safe and recover somewhat soon after the impact ️

    I know someone who’s also in FL, have lost touch but I hope all will be okay ️
  4. This
  5. Don't worry India is going to help you 

  7. Well if you live below central Florida you should probably evacuate. Its gonna be wild

  8. Easier said then done ...leave home with a full tank of gas but there's so much gridlock you run out sitting in traffic not going anywhere for hours then sit inline for gas for hours and that's If you're lucky enough to find a station that has any (if). The unlucky ones run out of gas and they're stuck on the side of the road ...can't go forward can't go back home. It's why they didn't evacuate Houston. Logistically impossible to get everyone out in time and safely.

    ...of course officials in Houston got criticized for not evacuating and they're being blamed for the 60 confirmed deaths which is BS because it could easily been more then that if they did try to evacuate.

    All trolling aside I feel sorry for you OP and ev1 else in your position.

    Take this as a warning people ...the government can only do so much in times like this. They screw everything up during the normal course of business when there's a disaster they screw it up even worse (ie:Katrina, BP Oil spill etc etc etc).

    Don't depend on the government or take it for granted that they will make things right (honestly they never do)

    Hope for the best but be PREPARED for the worst
    ...take care of yourselves the best way you can. When crap REALLY hits the fan you can't depend on anyone else including (especially) the government.
  9. Realistically the only thing you should be expecting in times like these is...


  10. They could have evacuated they just didn't do it soon enough. They started evacuations in Miami several days ago to get it started and if you're worried about running out of gas then buy some gas cannisters and throw em in your car
  11. When a snow storm comes they run out of gas stores empty out. That's with no one evacuating. You're an idiot if you think tens of millions of people can be moved out in 3 days.
  12. Florida is a peninsula you moron, can't drive east, west or south. There's only two major highways that will take you out of Florida (3 if you count I10 ...that's if you get North enough to connect to I10)
    You think it's possible to evacuate 10million plus people on 4-6 lanes??? you even own a car?? Sounds like you've never sat in traffic before. Seriously "throw a couple gas CANNISTERS (edit) in the back seat" (idiot)
  13. lol ...wait a minute I just noticed you said gas "cannisters". So your obviously not American. :roll:

    Probably explains your ignorance 
  14. Someones getting butthurt about being proven wrong
  15. Looks like someone too stupid too...

    1. Read a map

    2. Hold a job and own a car (honestly prob too young)

    3. Know how to KAW properly

    4. Chew gum and walk at the same time

    5. Be eligible for immigration/citizenship
  16. Monkey, why don't you rent a boat and head straight for the storm. I'll pay for your gas.

  17. Loser I own a boat ...only thing I rent is time with your mother :p


    Another loser who's butthurt he's not American :p

    Feel free to buy me all the gas "canisters" you want :p
  18. can buy me more time with your mother if you want lol
  19. Run Slippy RUN!!!!
  20. I have already ran from my house