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  1. Devs please start implementing iP tracking in wars. I know which you guys trying hard to get more players to do wars and I thank you for that. This bring negative effect also. Many doing multi account casting on the same bracket and leaking purposely on main. It’s getting worst and I love to war it’s the only keep me active. Would be nice if you guys iP tracking all accounts. I also know some can use VPN easily. They are bound to make a mistake. If you catch multi account warring on same iP. Please lock both account so both can’t do action in wars. Give them both 3 days sword. No need to give them severe punishment. Just don’t let the same account have ability to make any action during war. You guys have this capability. You guys using them during big event wars. Why not use them on all wars. I hope you guys use more your tolls to keep game balance thank you .
  2. Do you even EE
  3. I've thought about this in the past but I came to the conclusion blocking the same IP from warring would stop siblings or people in relationships from warring together. Some people would miss out majorly
  4. Kezzer I see your point but they still can war at different war slot. No need to war at the same time. Since you don’t war you don’t feel how we feel when opponent all of a sudden plunder 500 billion out of nowhere. It’s draining mentally to focus on wars. Most of us war for the fun of the competation. A chance to win on roster bound to lose. I know most war for the war chest now. Most don’t get it yet that they are worth nothing except for those want to trade them for charms for non warring players. This war chest are gold sinker. I don’t even want them. Far worth saving trillions to buy land or upgrade than opening this war chest. That’s what annoy me that this chest that I don’t want screwing me in wars.
  5. IP tracking brings up some privacy concerns. I'm not sure on the security on KaW's side but if it's unsecure this could bring some serious ramifications. Anyone with knowledge could gather ip information and DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH IT. Be it locate a user, ddos them etc. I'm not sure what KaW already does but I'm glad they aren't pulling the trigger.

    I don't have a solution for you, op.

    I don't think there is one but I know for certain there is always going to be an exploit people are going to use to cheat.

    That's just how things are.
  6. But you war all the time with multiple Alta op... I guess you are just planning to be super careful with your VPN.
    You run all the active accounts in your clan Immortal Death Dealer and I done so since your clan quit and handed you their accounts...
    Finally, if 2 family members are wanting to war together they should be allow or what is the point of playing together... This risk only comes when the one person signs up with more than one account, you know people like you MuSaNg...
  7. Wdym security concerns? The moment you connect to an app or website that requires internet, they have your ip. Doo it's not like they would suddenly release it because they implemented a new method to prevent cheaters

    I feel like it should be implemented,but only when players are found to be purposefully misusing it, I think it's stronger then a 7 day ss. Just prevent them from using more then one account on same ip, granted there are bypasses, but theirs fixes for that too, a forums page i own logs each they log into, and cross references them to check for any banned users. Something similar can be done here for players who purposefully throw wars
  8. This is eerily specific. I place you on the "no-fly" list.
  9. Have you ever heard of a VPN? gl stopping all that.
  10. I totally agree with musang 
  11. Ip tracking and logging can prevent that easily
  12. Support - Come on Devs, Keep the War system fair and balanced as possible - track IP address and ban these cheaters!!!
  13. How about you add highlands to the current lowland war. Most of started warring when there were only hl and ll. It would provide the variety that lowland lacks. Id love to do something besides snoozefest lowland wars with my clan. Tired of having to always have random lineups with the inevitable moles and alts.
  14. Even if the track ip they will still find a way
  15. Could devs not simply analyze source ip to make sure accounts from same ip router are placed in different wars?
  16. They could do this also. When they track multiple account on the same IP address that are going to end up on the same bracket. They should put them on the same roster. The player can’t purposely leak since all account on the same roster. Also this will allow seblings war at the same time. Less leakers in wars less time wasted in support system from angry players who got screwed. I hope they do something about this
  17. I can get your ip address just for playing the game allready So the devs using it won’t be there fault
  18. Is that supposed to be some thinly veiled threat?