IOS 8.1.0 UPDATE feedback thread for Kingdoms At War

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  1. Experiencing problems because apple sucks, so yeah that's what it's about :lol"
  2. Certainly notifications are slow
  3. Stupid 'Muricans.
  4. Muricans are pretty awesome in the sack, thoξ„…
  5. I had an eb payout notification not even show in my news today. No notification of items drops either.
  6. Quit it with all the Apple/Android. I used both. Both could use some updates they both have their advantages. I am enjoying the iPhone 6 though.
  7. Glad I haven't updated from 8.0
  8. No effort on this post. No support lock it up eagle
  9. I got farmed a lot after saying that about a mods thread...

    Lol, it wasn't fun and I made amends, i was just trying to prove a point.

    This thread at least has a picture. Every other thread with a picture gets respect xD
  10. @conan. I had the same issues with loading the Oracle. Left feed back and was told to uninstall app and reinstall. Which did nothing to fix the problem. After a few hours it started loading
  11. Just to point out. Canada is located in North America, therefore ata is "'murican".

    I'm still on iOS 7 and don't plan on updating anytime soon.

    That is all
  12. Turn off location services and lag is greatly reduced
  13. When attacking an EB I get one hit on iOS 8.1 while my sister gets five in while on iOS 7 
  14. For what my experiences are within this new update is this.

    When you have other applications open this will cause lag? When removing all The applications will help but you will experience a bit of lag.

    I am still currently testing this with both devices.

    iPod touch 5th IOS 8.1.0 works faster then the iPhone 5s IOS 8.1.0 does.

    The wifi is still a bit of an issue hit slightly better then last update.

    There will be an update to catch up with IOS 8.1.0 soon, so this should be fixed if not continue to use this thread to explain your issues.

    Thanks guys this helps a lot for the developers.
  15. My only prob has been the inability to copy...anything. To get out ads mostly.
  16. Devs could just turn off the ability to copy/paste in the game. This would eliminate/solve the problem with clan ad spam. It'd be just like another war game i play... Which does fine without ads.
  17. Still can't copy on iPad I have complained and sent feedback the stupid devs won't freaking fix this
  18. Another issue I have now detected.

    When attempting viewing other players walls or check privet messages.

    Sometimes out of ten I'll get around 5 half of the time, unable to review players wall/unable to review players messages.

    This happens when connected to wifi, this does not happen when on 3G/4G, iPod touch 5th generation doesn't have this problem.
  19. I've not experienced any lag, actually it's quite faster!
  20. Despite turning off all location services, Siri and just about everything other than wifi, lag is getting worse. Also crashes more when trying to view walls / allies / and battle list. So kaw isn't fun anymore 