Introducing: The Fatesands

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  1. No changes were made to drops
  2. 1. You didn’t participate in that strip bcuz u useless
    2. I got stripped over 2 months ago, right after I “bc’ed”
    3. You really don’t osw, never saw you report hits in cc
    4. You’ve provided nothing to the osw and you have nothing to lose unlike others
  3. This is to funny!
  4. Well im telling you they are, so your answer should be that you look in to it?
  5. 1. U gotta spend a few hundred on a lb account to be relevant in osw.
    2. U gotta post stips on ur wall as if u actually did something, when in fact u did nothing. That makes u super relevant.
    3. U gotta put urself on a protection, cause u know that is super relevant. When protection is gone, hell, time to cf.
    4. U gotta fail all over on outgoing hits than put that in cc, that makes an impression of u doing something. A.k.a. being relevant.
    5. U gotta knock down ppl who actually do something and fight after u cf'd, cause god forbid ur relevance will be forgotten :lol:

    More osw wisdom from falco
  6. New lands. Hell yeah 
  7. Take a look at clan unholy 2.0 and compare ebs and drops before and after new lands.its about 60-80% less for all smaller accounts, explain that?
  8. Winston how many players are active in kaw? And your line “hundreds” dictated the making or release of new lands?
  9. Omggggggg 
  10. I see the new lands on my droid device. Why don't I see the new lands in a browser?
  11. Wow... "Go fourth"...
  12. I’m searching for the new lands. Can’t find them. Where is the arrow?

  13. Anytime you want to se how inactive I am visit my nf. In fact I'll start visiting yours. Lmao
  14. Who the frick is this guy? Will the real falco please stand up ? ;)
  15. Every time new lands are introduced we make the same mistake of making it too cheap for the biggies. Acquiring lands should not be at a fixed price but rather a percentage of plunder earnings. The gap between the biggies between the smalls get wider and boring
  16. I’d like to see a spell based on ebs completed in the same clan that increases drop rate chance. Promote clan loyalty a bit? Doesn’t have to be crazy or overthought really. Any chance at this?
  17. do new crestplates drop only from artifacts? or do you get some at a certain point in legends too?
  18. Oh the predictable inevitability of Kaw u gotta love it....

    @Dev only one comment...

    Nice job but always the same every time when new lands are launched... it should be a phased introduction say max lvl 5 buildings initially then to lvl 10 etc after a short period of time, otherwise the gulf in size/stats between those that instantly BC regardless of cost and those that take 6 months+ to BC is too great and it just creates an imbalance; not to mention compounding war matching issues.

  19. Only from the artifacts that come from certain ebs, according to op.
  20. I have 11 deep mine lands open and I don't see the new lands fatesands.