Introducing: KaW's Coffer

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. I’m still waiting for my coffer
  2. Where's my coffer
  3. Can I get a chest for winning two asw?
  4. I vote this item be removed from the game
  5. Support
  6. Can i get Mine for winning none?
  7. This is an awful idea. If it sticks can I have chests to give away to my buddy’s too?
  8. Except we can't give them to our "buddies" I think you glazed over the part where it said we can't do that and where a few times it was stated that we will be demodded and banned if we get caught abusing the coffers. But hey, you keep being your negative self and get mad at every new thing that gets added to the game :)
  9. Just a suggestion: I personally would like to see a list of players that already received Coffer and their merit. It would motivate myself to beat their input in Kawmunity and would set an example and a starting point for others! Delete if such list does exist already and please point me to it. Thank you. Happy Kaw-ing!
  10. For those saying mods only give them out to friends you should stop with your assumptions and look at what is actually going on.

    I still have 28/30 of my initial coffers. I gave 2 away in a competition over Christmas to people I wouldn't consider myself close with. Just because there is the chance of abuse it's not like there aren't precautions in place to stop it.
  11. I support this idea, it gives us something to work towards
  12. I am helping and supporting kaw community alot, so i would like to have 1 of kaw coffer :)
  13. Are mods still handing out KaW coffers?
  14. Yes
  15. I would like to have a kaw koffer to give out to a player who deserves it
  16. Sweet I never get anything
  17. Wow like 😱 can't believe y'all guys given mods even more ways to help themselfs & there friends.. bc they DO ..ain't saying more just 😱like 😱 wow😱