Introducing Daily Sales

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Thanks devs for answering both of my questions :)
  2. Will there be sales for prices?? Like half of the money they are now?? $8 is way too much
  3. K so you have added sales from pimd, can we get the spinner as well? please.
  4. Tried to buy and get an error.
  5. Can we please change the picture for the sale it's creepy as hell
  6. Love that spin thing!
  7. Should be like a KaW jackpot too
  8. What kind of error? Any chance we can get a screenshot?
  9. Any chance you could offer a sale less lame than 1 more Xtal for $4.99? Pass.
  10. Says I need to login to my google play acct but im already logged in.
  11. Game of war has a similar daily discount sale for 30m!

    No harm done, if you're going to purchase stuff, might as try your luck and do it during this.

    When does the 30m timer start? When the user logs in for the first time that day? If it's starting at a set time it wouldn't be fair to Asian players. Eh?
  12. Just put out some damn adverts on tv and kaw will be popular. This game is way better than your fail of a creation smash. Way better social aspect compared to GoW and CoC......

    Could be way better and yet again have a thriving community. Which in turn would give you more money and help us further expand the community
  13. Anyone else try to buy and getting an error?
  14. This is kind of cool. Don't really see a reason to complain, fair for all really. Good job (3rd time in a week?)
  15. My first thought is I'm on an old version so doesn't effect me.

    My second thought is this is good for those with a little less loose change. Save some up and wait for a good deal, you don't have to buy it so it sounds like a good idea.

    Now since I can't get the popups it could be annoying but I won't know for awhile! Lol
  16. The "sale" I have is 7 xtals for the same price as the oracle, there's no incentive to buy, well not for me anyway.
    Good try devs?
  17. No I'm too lazy for all that. Says authentication error need to be logged into your Google account. I am and never had an issue making a purchase before.
  18. Come on, you really had to make this pop up every time we log into the app?!
  19. I just have to agree, advertise for KAW, this game could have an even larger community but it doesn't get any real media attention! If devs were to advertise with more methods than it would be awesome for everyone!