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  1. Not trying to insult anyone's intelligence. The value of 5 Health Crystals is 5 x $0.99 if bought individually. Yes, there is a $5 pack that includes 5 + 1 Bonus (It even says this is a bonus), but the actual value of a xtal is $1. The sale values are all against regular prices.
  2. Crystal you mean. :p

    Meh. Kaw_comm seems on edge with their replies lately.
    Must be the overly negative comments they view on the forums daily. Bound to get to anyone.
  3. In Canada we go through seals pretty quickly so the value is a bit different here...

  4. @Kaw_community good concept but execution is wrong. We can buy xtal and nobs just fine by other methods. I was excited about the prospect of special or rare item being sold such as crux chest.
  5. Whoops, do indeed mean Xtals. Let me grab some coffee...
  6. C'Mom kaw_community where is the Shark Epic Battle?
  7. You Canadians think of your money wallets before your customers satisfaction ?

    1. You allow certain programs work in Kaw
    2. Your support aren't even answer back
    3. You obvious only think of earn cash not customer game time
    4. You give new players very little chance ever become big, other than spend a fortune, no new player will be able grow big normal ways.
    5. It's very little new blood into kaw, only draining current stock of players for Canadian cash. What you gonna do to attract new players ?
    6. All PvP you killing more and more and the eb players gets bored after play Kaw 1-2years, the most faithful players are still the stock of PvP players who are forced to do EB or the game matches called EE.
    No new PvP have been launched since this game was a popular game, you promised make more PvP then you ATA made EE.
    Seriously might do something

    Throw in a bone to player stock and they fight for it.
    A stupid Example: give 1 ultimate sword to Kaw only way to get it is to steal it. With it you win 100% against anyone. No matter size.
    Of course problem size if Redstar get it or if an GH get it. But my point is there are ways develop real PvP
    It would actually make this game fun again.
  8. When I see 2 seals for $4.99 I'll be impressed
  9. Black Friday Sales.
  10. Kaw_Admin
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  11. Seal clubbing...
  12. Add steel/cloth drops to hte , thanks.
  13.  When can i buy a clean versión of Kaw with No Sale Ads and No events on IT either... Please release an Original Versión of Kaw before High Lands existed, i think Many would pay to Play am original versión of The game micro stat-- give me something good to buy pls and do The black friday sale again pretty please
  14. Just to clarify it was 6 / 32 ?? xtals then it became buy5 with one bonus free =6 buy 20 get 12 free.
    Only there way never free it's always been the same price for the same amount. If you are going to do this promo please don't insult you customers and do 8 xtals for the price of 6
  15. Claiming that the "bonus" xtals don't count is bs. Those aren't bonus, they've always been that. 32 xtals is 32 xtals, no matter what you call it. You can't claim that the Sale one is a certain percentage more without factoring in the so called "bonus" xtals that you get in the oracle anyways. Stop misleading with the sales that claim a certain percentage increase when really it's not.
  16. Quit trying to sell me speakers.
  17. dude stop spamming multiple people told you this was an awful idea multiple threads back. Even people in b2b hte clans hated the idea so just stop.
  18. Devs next event please
  19. Yes please, as long as it is a warring event...
  20. With no HTE benefits