Introducing Clan Ads!

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  1. Looking for more recruits? Need that one final hit? Afraid of angering the mods with clan spam?

    Introducing Clan ads! Clan members can now post Clan Ads (specialized posts that contain a link to your Clan page, your Clan symbol, and the time remaining on your current EB) in World Chat by doing the following:

    1) Hold Down the "Send" Button

    2) That will turn "Send" into "Preview" Button. Type in your Clan Ad message in the chat field

    3) Check for any typos, make sure your ad looks neat, and press "Send"!

    4) Get swarmed (not guaranteed) by new applicants!

    Tapping on the Clan Ad will take you straight to the Clan page, where players can easily join in and help complete an EB.

    And that's it! Each clan ad costs only 1 Speaker!

    P.S. Clan Ad? That's my favorite anime (not really, but I couldn't let this opportunity pass by me)!
  2. Rip wc. CASTER. WHERE ARE THE BUG FIXES. I thought we were homies :(
  3. Waaaaaaaa this is clearly a pay to win update you just want to sell more speakers
  4. Great feature!
  5. Is there a time out after sending one to prevent players from abusing this?
    Already players using them to chat since it costs only one speaker.
  6. This is the worst of ideas
  7. Where’s the gifting at doeee

    Edit: The new clan ad isn’t a bad idea, plenty of people not so keen on wc, it is a large space it takes, maybe make it half the size and it could look better?
  8. Way too big and imposing will crowd out everything else in wc
  9. And move it all to clan ad chat , and perm ban ads from WC ?

    Yeah yeah yeah ?
  10. This is probably something that will happen.
  11. Agree. Tons of players already spamming them and not really using them to advertise.

    Hard to control it's usage when it costs only one speaker and doesn't have a time out between sending them.

  12. We’d all be so dissapointed (not angry )if this dosent happen
  13. get rid of this!! Please focus on game play and less on changing the appearance of the game!
  14. Does this work on android? I hold down send button and nothing happens
  15. Try checking for and installing the update. It only works in wc.
  16. Plz quit the trivial stuff like clan ads and focus on fixing the actual game
  17. I have the updated app, it doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm on android.

    Not to keen one the whole revamp of the chat system. The colours/font make it far more difficult to read. Even more so with the new ads, make it almost impossible to have or follow conversation on wc as a couple of ads can really block it up with the size.
  18. Same here
  19. It’s just a better way of sending an ad, it still costs one speaker, it’s really a great feature, no need to design complicated ads anymore