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  1. Stop being negative on an aspect of the game you know nothing about which I've realized quite recently.

    Keep going Demon I love the idea :)
  2. Good idea. Support
  3. Good point
  4. Sounds good, support
  5. No support too much idea
  6. As opposed to the attention seeking drivel you constantly post that ends up locked for good reason? :lol:
    Demon has contributed more to the game / forums that you ever will.

    @Demon, Bella is just upset she's not getting any attention. You know how it is.

    *mic drop*
  7. good concept , problem being what happens to all the people who have already been building towers for billions/trillions making their builds for EE/OSW ready only to have your idea come true and need to rebuild on the new lands
  8. It would not be too complicated to implement if you could use your building tokens for a certain period (around matchup time) without them diminishing in number. That fixes the issue of changing builds.
    Once the war is over your old build returns.

    This however does not fix match up issues which are the real issue with war.

    To do that you need to consider what if fair not just to people with few charms and allies but also to those people who have worked hard to accumulate them.

    Maybe we need to be able to select only 10 or 20 charms that will work in war. Not stacks; individual charms. That might keep a decent balance.
  9. With this system you would always have identically stacked rosters in terms of stats, so yeah it would fix matchup issues.

    I forgot to add this to this thread, but charms and equipment would not have any effect in this war type.
  10. My vision is a system with eight sliders, att, att def, spy, spy def and the same for allies. Changing any slider would cost a minimal amount, relative to your build size.

    To reward those who have spent a lot of time on their war build, keep some old wars around?
  11. Dead another trash thread
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  13. Sooo why wouldn’t this be merged with your other war thread ? Actually all can be merged into your Fix thread.

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  14. Not really about the same issues.
  15. Trolls are gonna be trolls another Great thread full support only those that war understand these things the rest are still pretending to be farming clans or just foolish in this war game
  16. I'd also like to see inactives been punished more some don't even get ss when they are inactive
  17. if you want a separate build to war with, build an alt if you dont want to use main. Devs wont spend the time or money to create sub accts