Individual War Feedback

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  1. Match up was great. Keep these match ups and mid builds may come back to warring. They won't if you keep the lb/sh stacking going.
  2. No match n crap compensation for 4 hours. Waste of time
  3. cool but ****** lol
  4. This was the best thing that u have done devs. It was full of fun warring with strangers and last minute briefing...Full support!
  5. Great match up and great job devs ๎€Ž
  6. Fun concept ruined because of the delay. Finally get in a clan and matched and we have 15 minutes until the war starts? That is not enough time to familiarize yourself with your teammates not to mention the enemy. The one thing I will say was good was that the matches were pretty well even.
  7. Great match, stops stacked rosters aiming for noob clans etc.

    A bit hectic at start but quickly resolved and war was great.

    Do these more!!!!
  8. I really enjoyed that war. It was a little like the all star wars but a mini version. A bit more time in clan would be nice next time lol. Well done.
  9. Kaw community, consider doing 1 of these a day every day next week, for testing.

    Put them in all different types of timezones so you can have a broader range of testing ๎„

    Thanks! Was amazing fun
  10. Was a great match and quite fun. Only thing is....we need more time to prep. The amount of time wasted today was unacceptable. But apart from that...great fun lol.
  11. I would love to participate in another round of individual test wars :)
  12. Thx devs, I enjoyed it very much, now mids can war with everyone their own size now. No more SH/LB stacking too
  13. Great idea but didn't even match us bigs
  14. No it wasnt your fault but 10 mins to prep and plan for war was crazy. Overall i loved!!!! very fair match and more fun
  15. Match up was good however 9 min was not enough time to prep. Would like to try again with more time before starting war.
  16. Fun war and clans were evenly matched. only few things i wanted to say:

    Needed to be tweaked :
    1- we need more preparation time you have to give us 2 hours
    2- tracker needs to open sheet and start tracking sheet
    3- WC needs to give targets
    4- spread sheet need to be done
    5- during war only i could see enemy list on WR and not CR. i had to search for a person and then go to that clan and after that choose from CR number. this takes allot of time when you want to KO enemy. needs a place above clan info just normal ee wars where you see war time you click that and takes u to enemy clan.

    Positive !! NO SH were in our roster !!! thats great !!! at last we can really war now

    All these cant be done in 15 min !! you don't send 25 warriors to battlefield and tell attack without any preparation or commander. next time please give at least 2 hours to each clan to make all preparations needed.

    Some builds need to change to PS before war starts so we need time for that also. other noticed:
  17. While the no matches sucked, they aren't something to expect out of future Individual wars. There was a bug that prevented certain clans from matching up and the developers have already identified the issue.
  18. Great war and very balanced.but crappy reward.i have spent 17mith to get 3.IT WAS BETTER TVP
  19. Positives from our match:
    Very well balanced match
    Everyone was included

    The very late clan placement and lack of informative notices for new warriors. No cast mith now message etc

    Overall very fun and chaotic. Will do this again :)
  20. By far the most exciting thing to come out of kaw for years.quick organisation and planning led to meeting new friends and the match wasnt concluded before it started as is commonplace love to see more๎€Ž๎ŒŒ