Individual War Feedback

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  1. Ah the infamous ghost account.
  2. Thought it was awesome, match was much better than I've experienced before (be it not a lot) was great fun, minus the long wait and 6 minute prep time! Good job 
  3. I totally like this individual war devs
    And awesome balance roster
    Hope u doing more individual match in future
    Ty devs
  4. I say you put Individual war and clan wars together in the same time, with different registration..
  5. Was amazing!!! No stacking rosters, total chaos, good way to meet new people!! Loved it!!
  6. We won I loved it
  7. Best ee done
    Though i lost it but it was fun!!!
    Matched up well
    Gj devs :lol:
  8. Really excellent Devs great work.

    For some reason we warred 19 vs 24 not sure why.

    They had four inactives and we won though :)
  9. Was a fun war and I look forward to more of these. Biggest downside was the extreme length it took to make matches this giving next to no prep time. Please plan better in the future devs. Even with a loss it was a welcome change to KAW
  10. Do you really think people are happy? Most of the higher ranked people got no matched, and trapped in a clan and unable to do anything for 3 1/2 hours. How do you create clans that your own system no matches? And then give next to nothing as compensation for the wasted time?
  11. Finally a good and doable match up. Had a good time warring. Hope to see more like this in near future!
    Best thing about this was, that there were no f******* **** **** ************** GH/SH builds on either side.
  12. Loved this war, no stacking and everybody was in my range  Ty devs
  13. This is the first time I can be positive about Kaw!! Yes I loved every bit of it, it was fair and you get to meet and see how other players war and react to the war. We were down most of war and came back. I doubt no one in our clan knew each other or the opponents. So everything was chaos but it was fair and no complaints from unfair mix matches.
  14. Thumb Up.. Best balance match ever.
    Fully support this type of war in future
  15. Loved it! The mids got to fight mids. The SH's got to fight the SH's. Well done devs. I hope you can incorporate this. It was legitimately fun 
  16. I liked it but hated 10 mins prep time. I think it waz on matched due to I waz cr 20 of 24 and waz smaller then anyone on other team.
  17. Nice idea, sure will join more. Match ,think was quite balance. Will gave to inactive at war a rancor lvl, red one, after three times inactive no able for them you join this kind of wars..
  18. And no rejecting people due to not having the "right build". Was #4/21, not too bad for my no tower ass eh?
  19. Liked the war. Solved the problem of stacking and also more people get to war. Roster was balanced quite well. Hope to see more of these wars
  20. This was great!
    Our match was fairly even
    It was slightly rushed at the start, but other than that, one of the best EE's I've been in!
    Looking forward to more of these in the future!!