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  1. Love the second.. Yes I've lost both and sadly lost ee as a result of yesterdays but i still enjoy them... Was wondering if its going to be mixed up a bit?? Is it sh v sh .. Mids v mids ?? Ect Ect... This may get a little mundane... Could throw two lb in the mix.. Could nominate some willing wcs before hand.. With a voting system or volunteer to wc button?? I dunno but my clan spent lot of time on the a result we didn't have one.. Maybe it could give ppl a chance to have a go and not get shouted at?
  2. Loving the individual wars, please continue with these!
  3. @ Inyourface

    Part of what makes Indie Wars so fun is the NOT knowing who is gonna do what. We are thrown together as a group but must make independant contributions work on the fly or fail.

    Its like the SaW horror films. A random group of people locked in a room with unknown skills and attributes. The key to survival is there , but they must work together before time expires or all perish. Made doubly entertaining because right next door is another room just like it with another group in the same boat.

    The twist is that to win one group must lose and so all must find hidden strength to make that happen.

    This is the most fun I have has in KaW in 3 years.
  4. Exactly Karma, you got the point perfectly.
    One thing i really find annoying on these wars is the absence of a notification system for those not matched resulting in staying out in cold for nothing. But these are tests and i hope devs with implement this feature latter.
  5. Exactly how it is, keep individual wars and have them more. Like twice a day

    There my favorite time of the day
  6. Well it eliminates spy's pretty much. I LOVED IT :lol:
  7. @kaw_community
    Are we going to do more of these??
  8. The wars are much closer and so intense. I did one yesterday, and from every 5 minutes my clan or the other clan would pull a little bit a head. Sadly we lost in the last 5 minutes, having been ahead before that. But it was a truly great war.
  9. I participated in the first individual war , the rosters were essentially made up of players the same exact size which was cool. Everyone could hit everyone etc.

    I was curious to see how the matches would come out if the algorithm made the rosters similar to that of a fantasy baseball football draft. Each roster gets an lb or two , then would distribute players based on rank evenly to each roster.

    So every roster would have a mix of different size and strength builds.

    This would reflect the average clans roster better, although I'm not sure the war would be as fun as the "all the same size" roster.
  10. tell u the truth its good matches are all evened out n u have a short period of time to get ur team and plan together this will test the limits and show who truely are the best wc n trackers to have so if yall pay attention yall might learn something n make new peeps. I dont fear change. Major support.
  11. [colr=blue]I like it devs![/color]

  12. Would have liked to have know that once you leave a clan that you can not join another. Even 4 hrs before the event is due to start. Won't make that mistake again.
  13. They can be. However mains can match alts causing an unfair advantage. If you have to bring these in for S4 make it not very many if any at all. In my opinion it's good only for chaos wars not during a season, if during a season and too many it can be clan destroying.

    Again in my opinion the negatives highly outweigh the benefits. I'm happy for it to go on out of season but not in a season. Not to mention how long it can take you devs to sort the players out. It's a nightmare.

    Devs feel free to pm me 
  14. Too easy to troll and exploit this setup. I'll never sign up for these wars unless no ee loss and no rancor loss.fIf you pick your clan and wc/timer that's one thing. But this has so many possibilities for failure I'll choose to watch from the peanut gallery. Creative way for sure, but nothing I'd keep as the norm.
  15. You should have more of these so more people can test them out, like me lol they look fun!
  16. Ok look at this war ... U tried evening out IMF with multiple lb on other side of war ... U see results ... That kinda bfa can not be balanced out in stats spread out ... Just something for u guys to look at as u try to fix both types of ee
  17. I LOVE INDIVIDUAL WARS i dont know how to use bb codes that well so that will probably fail