Individual War Feedback

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, May 30, 2014.

  1. Are war crystals coming?

    It was great, the war was balanced the people were our size. (We won) and i loved them.

    Perfect system and Thank you soo much.
    I havent done EE since season 1 because its been getting worse but this was refreshing.
    Please keep coming out of KO CLASSIC. ty
  3. Superb!! better than any test and ee wars️
  4. Says the towerless eb build^^
  5. I think for these wars one should never lose EE until complete testing is done
  6. How do you cancel an event sign up? Is there a way? If not, then why not? It's dumb to be told to remove active sign up before joining another clan if there isn't a way to remove, and if there is, how because I don't see a button anywhere allowing me to cancel the sign up so I can join a clan for the next 3 hours and build up my dragon egg count.
  7. Bottom 5 of wining team get loss no mith and rancor and top 5 of losing team get mith and rancor
  9. There needs to be a way to kick in actives!
  10. With match ups being finalized so close to the war time, it would be best to stick to 15 person rosters. There isn't enough time to get familiar with your opponent and make a plan for war with 25 people in a clan. Good job on the match ups for war #5 though.
  11. I see veil of evasion coming back
  12. 2 out of 2. Lovin the new Indie Wars.

    DEVS congratulations! Keep up the great work!
  13. Best KaW fun since years.
    A good WC must consider all builds and tactics. Because of the short time the team exists, everyone has to pull together if they want to win. This rekindles the spirit and passion which makes this such a cult game.
    Thank you devs.
  14.  Full support To individual Wars lost 2 out of 2 but enjoyed both 

    Congraz devs on bringing the fun back to system wars ️
  15. Same ^
  16. perhaps if you cut down the wait time before the war start say an hour, you may be able to squeeze in a couple more words to make concessions to those in the more obscure time zones?
  17. Lost 2/2 meh it all depends on ur wc and moreso on speed these wars. Maybe you could mix the rosters up lol my war this time, half the opp were the same as last time 
  18. Only got about 4hrs of sleep after work Just to get up with no matchup & no notifications at all about what's going on. That's bs.