Indi War 26 livestream

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Seth, Jun 14, 2015.


    Tomorrow (as of posting this) I'll be streaming the individual war 26, and it will follow the same formats that my previous streams have. I'll be live when the warmup starts at

    Hope you guys watch :D I'm streaming on the weekend so hopefully more people can watch. We'll see how it plays out.
  2. Weird, how many people you have usually watching?
  3. Won't be interesting at all to watch 100 man indi. Everything about 100 man indi is horrible. 99% luck with so many players & 99% of the time comes down to which team has the bigger lbers.

    I know, just don't watch. I won't. Just giving input. Stick to streaming weekday wars, those are entertaining.
  4. starts in an hour
  5. I would watch it if i was on the other clan that faces you..... you do realize what you doing right?
  6. You wont see our brief ;)

    I'm not an idiot, thanks
  7. But, he will still see who is wc and all that and see if you guys have a mole.
  8. im live tho now so come watch or gaben will hurt you
  9. Don't swear bro, kids are watching :lol: :lol: