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  1. I personally believe that ALL accounts inactive for 1 year or more should simply be erased and the owners refunded purchase price
  2. There'd hardly be any allies
  3. No support for multiple reasons, people having breaks from KaW would lose accounts, no allies, KaW would lose so much money refunding everyone and it would he completely pointless 
  4. Do this, and a new player wom't have a chance to hire any allies and reach max plunder, only increasing the chances of them quitting the game shory after because they aren't making any money
  5. This would destroy the Allie market.
    Kaw has a 1:1 ratio. If everyone playing owned 1 active ally fine.
    But people hoard allies.
    The second one person has two allies you need an inactive ally to provide another player with an ally
    As players can hire many allies this idea simply cannot work without killing the ally market especially for new or smaller players that would have no way to compete with the pricing increase the ally market would see.

    No supprt
  6. ¯\_()_/¯
  7. then my account would have been deleted.…go away OP
  8. mine too. ^

    dont inactive accounts without pro packs get deleted either way?
  9. Pretty sure they stopped that when they stopped resets, but not sure.
  10. No, pro packs never got deleted unless they were given a ban.

    Before they would only reset-delete inactive non-pro accounts. Now they don't reset anyone, nor do they allow resets.
  11. Bruh,rip the underpriced ally Market if that happens lol
  12. I agree with this IDEA. But I think if this was the case, the ally market would be awful. The Devs used to delete accounts that had no activity for a year or two I believe.. (could be wrong)

    It would be awesome if the devs or someone came up with a system or idea about how to fix so many inactive allies. No one wants inactives... 
  13. I remember them deleting a friend's old acct, think they could do it anytime after 3 months on non-purchase accts but would usually leave them for a while anyway. I remember it being deleted somewhere between 8-13months inactive.
    I don't see a need to delete old accts & it would probably hurt alot of smalls at this time. I can understand the interest for it PvP wise to spark more buyer's wars tho lol
  14. What if their prison sentence is longer than a year? When they get out after a year and want to play their account but it's been deleted, they gonna be mad. Could up going back to prison. For society's sake, just leave their accounts alone.
  15. Then all of the dead accounts on the ally LB who were volleyed to 2Q would be refunded to their owners. #Inflation

    Also : a lot of people come back after being inactive for 1+ years
  16. Me :mrgreen:

  17. Deleting the accounts isnt a solution! Kaw earns more from comeback accounts as they strive for their previous WR or stats..but some accounts inactive for 4-5 years ATA does Delete them!
  18. If your linked to ATA or Facebook they aren't deleted period.Propack or not,length of inactivity doesn't matter.
  19. This happened before back in the day except we didnt get refunded, not every inactive was erased but they were cleaning house a little bit. People were pissed they werent refunded the amount back
  20. No you fool