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  1. Why does the new version suck more
    Than the old? Is it because the mods suck or the people or is the game itself dying?
  2. This game is sucky now I want to know why
  3. Games evolve for the better or worse. Don't like it? Don't play.
  4. Posts like this? That's my answer. Your move op.
  5. You said this was important? I feel lied to..
  6. games gotten better since osw's started wc isnt all adds now :D
  7. That is true. Kaw was so boring i left a year ago, but now its awesome.
  8. I blame the mods :twisted:
  9. me too. mods r fail.

    like y dis thread no lock?
  10. Wasn't locked as I got distracted :p

    I am locking though as it's a low effort thread.

    OP put a little effort into your whine, and give us some points for discussion next time please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.