IMPORTANT: No More Reset Bonuses

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  1. Im very happy with the reset changes. Thank you

  2. I am trying to explain how the Dev's see it and their reasons behind it so people can understand both sides and give more informed feedback.

    There are 2 things that drive updates:

    1 - Player Feedback

    2 - Patching loopholes, glitches, and exploits
  3. It's not like reseters dont have an advantage anymore, you can have 200 more ally slots!!! Is that nothing???
  4. I agree with the 1st part
    but, along with many, don't thing more items from EB are needed. So many other aspects of the game need focus.
  5. GOD ****ING DAMNIT! You see my name? You know what that means? It means your ****ing me over.

  6. Yup, i got it. To those old schools i have no comment cause i am still new. What i concern about is that they shouldnt change like just announce and implement right after the posts. its like giving no warning to those new players. They should have at least a week or more , set up a dated for all users then only implement. Hopefully they give response asap.
  7. Wulf, i am a forum noob, don't know how to quote you. You posted on page 19 of this thread, 8th post in response to gftr: Major of feedback = New mechanics makes resetters a huge problem for everyone -- Devs fix ressetting
  8. Yeah. I think the devs just don't want their reset items to disappear. Maybe they paid for the artwork or something. Now that all of the equipment slots are able to be filled (except for that last ring) I think they should take a break on ebs and start improving other things, which it seems like they're doing. Hopefully I'm right.
  9. Ah I was referring to how the new mechanics of drop/reset:
    where if your ally resets the day you hire him you only get 4.5% back and you get a certain additional % back each day up to the full 60% if he resets on of after day 15
    It becomes a problem because if you unknowingly hire a resetter. You would lose a terrible amount of gold due to no fault of your own.

    This fixes this "problem" people would experience with that "Game Mechanic" by taking away the incentive to reset.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear there
  10. You are.

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  11. So this means my reset items become just like eb items?

  12. Lol wulf :D seems like you know something we don't

  13. No EB items are equitable.

    Reset items become like pro pack items

    They are Permament items
    not Equipment.
  14. Devs already stated
    on their Facebook page.

    They will expand on this in due time I am sure.
  15. Just gotta wait n see.
  16. Ok wulf, thx for clarification, but i stick by my belief that a bad decision to 'fix' a previous bad decision is clearly NOT what was meant in player feedback about resetting players or about game mechanic changes
  17. You devs are ruining this game. Thx for taking the fun out of kaw
  18. They are just doing this to make the people that are HLBC an didn't reset happy... Thats the only reason they are doing this.
    Seriously if you want to get rid of reset bonuses at least give the people that did earn it with hard work, something that makes the reseting worthwhile like make the item drop EXTREMELY low I'm talking like 1%.

     first you make allie slots buyable to please HLBC people now your making reset bonuses available by ebs...
  19. So if you already have done them will you get the achievement?