I'm calling you out. (all you ladies can spam here)

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Lupus-, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. No, but there's obviously sonething wrong with Cos.
  2. Lol no im not an alt
  3. This thread is a waste of space. If you wish to 1v1 someone, just do it. Don't announce it to the world. I have talked to assassin and he is letting this thread die. Good luck in the 1v1, but tbh, your trash talk sucks . /Dead Thread
  4. There is something wrong with gays! Jesus was rejected by one and got butthurt in the wrong way... 

    Ergo, happiness is a sin. 
  5. -yawn- another one...get in line
  6. It's so funny when these tiny players think they are untouchable because they have minuscule stats.
  7. LOL Cos....

  8. Lol did tiger reset or drop build?
  9. I mean cos assasin not tex lol
  10. @Arkst. Reset
  11. Follow blocking is mean 

    why can't we just be friends
  12. :lol: he reset
  13.  <-- me.

    Dont joke 
  14. I leave for popcorn and miss assassin resetting and then trying to cover it up.

    Sorry it took so long. Seems line all of forums beat me to those stores. Every store I went to was out of popcorn.
  15. *like. Not line.