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Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Leo-Shocker, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. Well i come here greatly humbled. This is the last thing i wanted to do. iG has been a home and family since the beginning of kaw days. iG has had some of the best kaw players in the game come through here.
    This current war has torn iG apart our leaders who started this war have left and played with alts outside of the war and left us to try and pick up the pieces. The iG name has been dragged through the mud due to us opening the doors to very shady people in desperation to be able to still compete. I finally took a stand against the scamming and straight bullying that was coming from these new wannabe iG members.
    I will be closing iG for good and changing the name of the clan within the coming weeks.
    The game has changed and so will this clan. I know this is a very unpopular move but it is the only option left. Thank you iG and cant wait for the next chapter in kaw.
  2. Sad to see it go. Best luck for what’s to come ️
  3. Long ago before I left KaW I remember iG being a very good osw clan. With the likes of ChubbyChaser, MrBiscuit and you Leo, it's unfortunate that you have to close it down. Much respect to you Leo and the the past iG members.
  4. Cheers to the good old days!
  5. iG will always have a special place in my heart. It’s funny really. The first home clan I ever had was Dawn of the Foxes, back when Foxes were first rebuilding. About a year and a half later, Brood_Warrior, recruited me to iG Systems. iG Systems became my home and iG became my family. I was with iG from early 2014-fall 2018. I’m very sad to see it closing. It’s funny to me how I started with Foxes, went to iG after Foxes closed, and now that iG is closing I’m back with Foxes.

    Thank you to Brood who first saw potential in me as an iG player.

    Thank you to Leo, even though we didn’t always see eye to eye you are my brother.

    Thank you to Spy Rod. I’ll always be your Snooby. <3

    Thank you to all of the great people in iG I’ve met and created friendships with over the past 4 years. I started as a Freshman in high school with you all. Now I’m a freshman in college. New starts. All things must come to an end.

    iG. Family forever.

  6. Thank you Nate. You are an awesome dude and one of the few players in all of kaw i trust and can always have a civilized debate with. Foxes have a bad ass team mate in you
  7. sad to see an original clan closing, best wishes to you leo!
  8. Sad to see a legendary clan come to an end, but the memories will live on in some form or another.

    iG to pal!!
  9. Dang. That sucks, bro. Best wishes going forward.
  10. Unfortunate to hear this
  11. My first clan was Foxes when both were forum clans. iG and Foxes were bitter enemies for much of 3-4 years.
    Good, great and brutal fighters on both sides.
    The times changed for a little while, Foxes and iG were allies. That was a great year. I’m truly saddened that this has come to pass but I’m happy that there is a true heart of that once great clan still willing to keep it alive.
  12. Sad to see another old school clan from the good ole days close. ️
  13. Wow!! How the mighty have fallen! Good luck!
  14. Leo transfer ownership to my alt. I take care of iG
  15. I remember being part of the first spy war, iG vs VooDoo, I was a noob and you whipped my ass, taught me a valuable lesson about osw.
    Sad to see this once great clan finally laid to rest.
  16. All clans can fall but all fallen clans can rise up. I would suggest, before closing the clan, to see if there is someone out there that you would trust to rebuild iG into the great war machine that it once was. I have only visited your clan in the past and I remember the old iG.

    Despite your decision, good luck in your future endeavors.
  17. Sad to see IG go but respect your decision just as 1sexylady had to do with zaft. Way back in the first year during system wars Midgard Warriors had many friends in GI, when we needed to balance the war we called on you guys many times. one war a clan (can’t remember the clan) were acting all badass and told us we could balance however we wanted  IG started showing up and they started crying, we had so much fun with them . I lost my war history when sleep kawing and disband my clan  so no history of it. good luck with your new venture .

    -Midgard Warriors- 
  18. Change name to IGNK and run a 120 slot HTE clan?

    Seriously tho, after all this time to iG close is a bit disheartening. But as you said Leo times change and stagnating isn’t going to help. Good luck with whatever avenue you take with your new clan.
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