If warring system is so unfair ... it’s not fun

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  1. If you have bad Internet you're gonna think most people bot based on 3 atks per second, it's easy to do if you have insane Internet, I have mediocre Internet and can still do 2 attacks/s, isn't hard to do.
  2. Just to clarify ... we’re not talking about 2-3 hits per second .... but 20-25 in under 3 seconds.... please pc users ...go ahead and justify this as fair ...
    ...no repeat action button for phone users at war ... but pc users get to spam space bar as to repeat action... hmm that’s doesn’t seem fair at all
  3. Nobody does hit that fast. You're deluded.
  4. I've seen guys using software that lets them hit 75-85 hits in under 3 seconds
  5. Post an ss of the 20-25 actions over 3 seconds, Claims with no evidence are just pointless.
  6. Slight exaggeration but yes. They dont war anymore though.
  7. Did I ever say I haven't warred on PC? You know what though, you're right. I'll handle this.
  8. Yup.
  9. Well if you have warred on PC enough to know what you're talking about you would also be aware of its downsides, which you clearly weren't lol.

    Show the guy doing 20 attacks in 3seconds could ya. Most PC players don't even have internet capable of a third of that speed.
  10. You're an eb fairy with EE 0, so nope.
  11. Love how the majority of ppl saying there’s no botting going on are the ones that actually bot lol 
  12. YUP.
  13. :lol:

    YOU sure talk a ton of smack for an alt. Luckily you've only been around 2 years and don't know shizzles.
  14. I wish lowland wasnt so damn boring that I dont even care who bots anymore.
  15. This issue has been brought forward before. Hint* Devs don’t care about wars. They only care about events now and making money. KAW IS DEAD you just need to accept it then all gets right in the world again lol
  16. Try nearly 8 years. And i know almost everything there is to know about wars having warred since the first wars of kaw to now. You, on the other hand, only hit ebs.
  17. Cool story, yet here I am and you're posting with an alt.

    Anything you say is moot until you nut up buddy.
  18. PSG I can justify it. It wasn’t just Faust assing you. It was OMG and beard too. I LOVE getting pestered by Faust about strats. Drives me BONKERS.