If warring system is so unfair ... it’s not fun

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  1. War games should be fair to each user ... if one particular platform has unfair advantages over the rest ... than the game has failed ... pc users with their exploits and botting have a 10 to 1 advantage over everyone else...
    so that being said I’m retiring from this game until warring system is fixed ...hopefully devs will pull their heads out of their asses and fix this once great game ... but until than ... I won’t hold my breath... good luck all :(
  2. Hey...I’ll see you tomorrow bud
  3. PC was part of kaw long before ee wars, u can’t just called out unfair just because you didnt war on pc. Doesn’t means other ppl cannot war on pc. 
  4. I see no mention about the game breaking gap that the leaderboard has over the rest of the game.

    I see no difference in that gap and the pc versus phone speed gap. 3 actions a second is possible. Very possible. Spamming left click and space bar as fast as you can is easy.

    Gaps in speed occur for various reasons.
    Connection - the connection to the server is key for speed. The better your ping to kingdomsatwar.com the faster your actions will flow. On phone you have delayed feedback as your HANDHELD DEVICE processes the incoming and outgoing data. On PC the connection can be hard wired through an Ethernet cable. This makes connection easier.

    The buttons - on phone the buttons that must be pressed are more spread out. One point on your screen. On pc you can hit spacebar to clear the message, and follow up almost instantaneously with a click to spam attacks.

    I cannot reiterate this point enough. Every fraction of a second counts in this game. When the data flows from Your device to the server it is inputted and once again sent out; and not just to you. To everyone else in the game. This is what the loading screen processes. Every single input in a war takes time going from your device to the server and gets processed on your device. And that action is determined by your ping. And every actions travel speed is subjected to your connection.

    If you’re on 3G, you’re going slow as hell; why? The load time. If you’re on LTE you’re good. You’re decently fast on connection.
    WiFi gets tricky. Depends on your provider and how good it actually is. But it will generally be just as good as LTE or better. Yet as soon as you go hardline, it’s better. The connection is faster and faster.
    Every fraction of the second from 1 action inputted to the server gets amplified and causes YOU to be faster based on the DEVICE and CONNECTION.

    My conclusion, any attack faster than 3 seconds is suspicious. But then again I’ve never been on the famed super fast power of Virgin Gamer Pro+ or Google Fiber Optic.

    Spy actions are a little different. Knowing the subject, I won’t go into that as much.
  5. When I sent in reports of players doing 5 attacks per second during S6, support consistently told me that their server lags when displaying reports and that's why they appear bunched up like that and seem to be happening like that.

    That said, I've faced my fair share of players that use 3rd party applications in their wars and after a while you can tell the difference.

    The post above mine sums it up perfectly, with a decent Internet connection on a PC you easily get out 3 attacks a second by just spamming the space bar and the mouse's left click button. You can quickly switch between targets with your spacebar. As an attack build spamming a PS1 through my PC, I can easily catch their xtl a fraction of a second after they do it, which means I'd end up eating a good amount of it up. Sure, that'd maybe look suspicious, but that's just normal legit spamming on a PC

    From what I understand, even a program that auto spams actions(ie,repeats a certain sequence of actions at a click) is invariably only as fast as the packet transmission speed between the client-server. Which is around the same as spamming your space bar and mouse.

    So what I'm trying to say is that, what often appears to be suspicious activity is usually just a really fast player mashing out this keyboard and mouse.

    Now, packet injection programs that can bypass the transmission back and forth handshake between the client-server is a whole different ball game. They're not very common on KaW, although they do exist.
  6. Which is easier to be seen through ebs which hold a log of all data dispersed to public eye. And war logs showed the same thing in fact. But for some unknown reason got taken down.

    As for the massive “packets” of inc players sometimes get bogged down and sent all at once. This is something I’ve deducted is caused by the lag loading onto our device.
  7. On attacks, there are people who can spam out more than 5 attacks per second. Just takes close to 0 ping. Speed isnt everything though, with the delay and lag that just gets worse and worse on pc, autoing is a lost cause. Unless you're in vros, phone should be fine. As far as indis go, they're won at matchup because of insane build gaps 99% of the time.
  8. You could also set your clock rate to be faster than normal, making the ui run by a lot faster and saving a few milliseconds. Problem is youd probably go out of sync with the server and have to restart quite often. Not going to confirm if this can be done for kaw, but I've seen it done for other apps and that leads me to think it can be done here too.
  9. Is that the second lb to quit/cry over getting rekt in indi? loool
  10. They won’t change anything at all. Quit if you want, it will be like this till KaW dies.
  11. It takes a lot more effort to war on PC compared to phone, If you want to get that extra speed it's practically mandatory to war on pc which is very fair, those who put in the extra work should be rewarded. :)
  12. It's hilarious that the same people who cry about EE wars losing interest also happen to be all the people who need a PC to do it.

    I've tried getting into wars, but it really is just uneven when I got 1 account unloading 20 attacks on me in 3 seconds, by whatever means, from a PC when I can't even realistically respond to the first action from a phone. This happened many times with an amazing connection.

    It really is ridiculous that unless were able to sit down at a computer were not able to best access an entire part of a phone tap game. I mean great for all of you who have the ability to do that. It really should be an even playing field though. Best part is half of you trying to defend PC even admit it is drastically better and the only reason you're defending it is because you win EE wars cause of it. :lol:
  13. Frankly guys your all being stupid. Someone states they are quitting the game
    Just wish them luck..
    And carry on. What's so hard about that?
  14. Thats beyond dumb. If someone does 20 attacks in 3 seconds its a botter. You dont just hop on pc and suddenly start doing over 6 attacks per second, thats above the speed bump. Literally the only instance you absolutely need a pc to do well is against a good PS1 clan in LL, or if you're warring in a good PS1 clan. Oh wait, there arent any good PS1 clans anymore. Bummer.
    PC provides advantages and disadvantages. Simple as that. You can easily war on phone, if you tell yourself not being able to access pc is the only reason you cant war you're just lying to yourself.
  15. This the the reason that wars are dead actually. The gap between pc and phone users. I’ve tried to war quite a few times in the last 3 years and it just gets worse and worse. Untill kaw completely drops PC kaw wars will not improve this reduces the war community and in turn reduces the player base. Kaw knows how old it is. I’ve mentioned in other threads that they really need to overhaul all the old functions of this game, aqua/inferno, mith, hit ranges, eb equipment etc. instead of releasing the next dumb thing ( charms, furnishings) they need to revisit old mechanics that made sense when 6mcs was LCBC. We’re over what is it now? Oh yeah 4.6bcs.... so things that made sense at 6mcs don’t even register in today kaw, unfortunately one of those things is the war system and devs don’t seem to wanna update anything old just force new stuff down our throats.
  16. Bring back advantage random in indi classic is getting boring. Have variation in ll it's not the most popular only two serious clan cast most times and all more matchups most likely ffa. Get hl wars or something like that ll never really is interesting anymore. I'd rather have indi in that slot and bridge the gap in brackets rather have 10 vs 10 than be in a 15 man roster where cr 1 is 4 times the size of cr 15. You made indi almost pay to win as well or grind it out make dozen of alts every event and transfer charms from all alts to the one ur warring you didn't pay attention to so much details. Fine with pc and stuff with all theese being said still kinda enjoy wars addicted to them regardless of u changing or not people gonna continue warring but atleast give the war community something back those who spend a lot of time warring back to back and enjoy doing it.
  17. First off, to your first statement. No shizzles Sherlock. If you had any reading comprehension you would see I even suggested such in my first post. Whether botters or auto clickers, guess what. That's mostly PC trash.

    Also if you're seriously suggesting there's not far more advantages to warring on PC versus on a phone then you are indeed the one lying. That's why your entire comment for the most part is vague jibberish and/or deflection.

    Anyway, yes. I am saying there is a clear advantage to warring on PC versus on any phone. Hell, so did half of the pro PC people in this thread. To deny that just shows how full of it you are.
  18. An auto clicker does not make you do 6 atts per second. It actually hardly increases your speed at all.
    PC does not have more advantages. Its much, much harder to auto xtal or sko on a blitz on pc due to the delayed inc. PC has one single advantage which is the speed, phone takes the win in every other aspect. You dont just jump on pc and immediately become a pro. Why dont you actually do a war on pc before you speak out? Or you can just leave the discussion to those who have actual experience.