idiot monkey in iw clan heedless marauders

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    Does anyone have SS's of him spamming CC, and or little to no actions? If ya provide me with em I'll write a email to em
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    On page 4.
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    Am I the only one who hasn't made a big deal about this mole from the war I lost in  crazy
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    Im not that too. Life happens anyway. :lol:
  7. Hey they merged them 
  8. Another person who isn't making a big deal about it  3 threads was excessive just email SS to devs.
  9. <3 ️thanks mods or devs! Now shhhhhh booty hurt people shhhhhhh
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    You deserve a lyfe ban.
    You wouldn't EVER get 50 in an iwar. Quit playin'.
    And the only reason you even get anything, anytime, is KaW's bully mechanics.
    Because of the high level of permanent fail in your account, KaW awards you
    "sympathy" wins; EE levels, mith rewards and things of the sort.

    Search out the button that will fix it. Little gray guy. Perhaps Zildjian will help you find it.

    Support Saturday morning Vodka oj and KaW. Cornerstone of a healthy couch surfers diet.
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    I'm sorry you war? With that kinda name that's pretty hilarious.
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    Ur cool bro make fun of a name on a game ooooo get out forums
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    Don't judge a book by it's cover.
  14. Nah, Rikki makes a fair point. And you chose that name knowing full well what it means.
  15. Invalid user.

    Did monkey reset or is the name wrong?
  16. If the point was that he's prejudice then I agree.
  17. reset
  18. the one who's names role play and yes monkey reset when he left the clan but I found his new name
  19. I think admin of these wars should be allowed to mute and/or straight out kick players like that.

    KaW will audit the wars and if the player was kicked out of spite instead of legitimate reasons then the admin that kicked will get a perm broken sword.

    As it is now the system isn't strict enough. Make players accountable and make the consequences severe enough that no one wants to **** around. Hell, these players should just be banned outright. They want to screw around and ruin the efforts of an entire clans worth of players, they can do it on another game.

  20. Why hasn't this been locked yet? :roll: