Ideas To Increase War Participation

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  1. Estoc Wars are started for a quite a time
    and there is a LOT of changes in them.
    Devs are working Hard to make Match-ups as Good as they can
    But There are still cases when Peps complain about a Match-up.

    Now there is only One thing that can give a better match-up
    That is Participation.
    And this is the thing That is not changed much.

    I think there are only Odd 60-70 clans that participate in EE WARs.
    With 50 pep per clan around 3000 pep. thats a low figure for a world wide Game.

    I feel Like there are not many steps taken to increase the participation.
    Yes The Vanished Paladin is there
    and One hour Wars are there but not much.

    So i have thinking of some Ideas to make Wars more Popular.
    So I think what it take to war continuously.
    We Need Pots, Towers, Time, xtals, Mith(for new ones they need to buy) etc.
    Now if you war towers will take your plunder and you are investing gold in pots.
    So your growth will decrease.
    well there ee to compensate for reduced plunder. But getting it you need to keep winning. :!:

    Now Second thing to think about is what is it there to war rather than ebs?
    Some Peps simply say they are damn fun (I feel so too :D ) but how a new one to war know?
    and Despite Its very much fun we want something that's MITH (for equipment).
    Again for getting mith you need to Win continuously. :!:

    So If somebody know he/she going to win continuously then I don't think a reason to not war ;)
    But I don't think a new set of players will win like that.
    And a lost cost you Gold, Pots and xtals. (May be mith as per the casted and repayed by TVP)
    So very heavy Loss.

    Now I come to the Point what steps can be taken for Increasing Participation.
    1) Mith payout should be for all winners + Loossers.
    Devs can calculate this with same algorithm but just multiply it with plunder ratio.
    For wiinner its winner's plunder/ loosers plunder and vice verse.
    Also there can be a limit if difference is greater than that than no payout for loosser.
    Why is this important? because majority of pep want mith and if they know they can get some by putting up a good fight then they will participate. Another thing is mith is required to war continuously as it will give us the equips. and getting stronger is main point of game

    2)Loosers Should not loose EE lvl.
    well ee is the thing that counter the plunder drop so its needed and if war 5 wars and win only one then you should have at least ee1 to counter the gold spent in 5.

    3)some extra rewards.
    well there may be some extras for winning continuously or sone individual rewards.
    we can think them as required :)

    4)estoc gems
    everybody can't buy xtals regularly. I read about this concept forums so it mayalso be included.

    WE can have some of them implemented.
    Some Warring pep may not agree with me but i want say just one thing if its increase participation some what then its good for all. As we will get some players to war with.

    Thanks For Reading. Any suggestions or Additions are welcome
  2. No, no, no and no. All horrible ideas, especially the last one.
  3. There just needs to be some new blood in EE
  4. Estoc trials... et... not ee..
  5. matchups will not get better. No matter how much they try.

    Reason: if you come to war with no towers you will get slaughtered. You may have larger cs and it dont matter.

    Next war you get matched with a clan with the right builds amd towers. Well. The same outcome will not happen if there is a mismatch on cs.

    Bfe is not as big a factor as build. Bfe comes into play when matched with similar build. But at that point. Skills and strategy way in also because its not that big of a difference.

    In order to sort it. Clan need to be taught not to bring a knife to a gunfight.

    The only way to do this is to create tiers of matchups. A beginner level. Intermediate and pro. You need more clans to make that work.

    It takes month to change your builds for war. You have to have the people dedicated to watch thier plunder drop to 12 mil a hit from 30 mil a hit.

    Thats why there are some clans that are excelling andothers not so much.

    It is a blast to war. And the only resson i continue to play amd spend my money.

    Sad part is all clans need to do is look at the top clams cp. And most have minimum build stats. If you dont want beaten to a pulp. Start when that is achieved.
  7. -get rid of xtals
    -quadruple the payout and end bonus
    -Make the war 20 minutes long cause I don't have time to dedicate
  8. Flat out no, I'm sorry while I appreciate devs algorithm is betty skwallocks, fact is too many noob clans sign up I'll prepared with crap builds and nine times outta ten get there ass handed to them in a shiny 40bill whooping. Maybe just maybe if the newer clans stopped for a minute and had a look at the rising hawks of kaw they would see well damn these guys have alot of towers they have them for a reason to WAR. The minute you sign up to a dedicated ee clan growth goes out the window because plunder goes down as towers go up except that, here is where you have to choose what do I care more about ebs golds and growth or ee wars mith and bfe. I made my choice like many others an instead of stupid crap like this look at what makes the top ee clan the top an implement that.
  9. Why are there so many No's from people who don't war? Real mystery.

    In favor of awarding miths to all participants who try, of course winners being winners get more.

    Sure winners don't want losers to have access to the same shiny stuff they get, and losers want to get that good stuff.

    Putting aside 'moral' arguments as to whether or not losers deserve anything, this should encourage participation which is what EE needs which every game needs.
  10. There are two sides to competition, winner and loser in sports winner gets big ass trophy an glory loser gets a crappy medal, well in kaw winner get mith payout loser gets vp eb it is how it is don't like it don't war better yet delete kaw. I had my ass handed to me war after war till I learned an got into a clan that knew what they where doing maybe instead of playing the "its the taking part that counts card"you an your clannies heed my advice look at the top clans an emulatethere build have your command do what I did at my season one home seek advice and read a bucket load of threads.
  11. An losers do get mith it's called the vp eb
  12. To the dev's credit they are trying to make it better to get more participation.

    Unfortunately they are listening to the few that dont like guild hansels because they dont want to change thier build to one. Or recruit some to war with them.

    So now we are chaseing a dts/dtw mechanics (which the fix is to make gh more dangerous to get around it)

    Awarding mith to loosers is already done and some clans have been known to take advantage of the loss with vasished paladin eb mith.

    That makes the wars worse.

    While we like to get equipment and get mith for winning. Its not much more fun than an eb, pounding on an underprepared or missmatched clan. (And really do respect those that fight to the end )
  13. I have an idea, KAW should make the clans and place people in the clans, and you cannot leave
  14. @truth it's EE not ET 

    EE= Estoc Edge
  15. Now they could male it interesting that participants get to choose who they war. Challenged has to fill roster in so much time within so much cs. And have at it.
  16. No. Bad idea. U r obviously those people that do not have credit cards to buy xstal or too stingy to buy.
  17. @OP

    Hmmm.. How bt w giv each playr 20 xtal z and mak wrs 10mins long and give 300 mith to everyone nomatter how badly they sucked.

  18. I like ideas 1,3,4 tbh but u do need something to lose can't make it too easy for new clans to come in
    As stated before me clans have to make a choice eBs and gold? Or mith, bfe,ee (more gold!) And maybe a little recognition to get into a good ee clan of ur choice! ;) choose wisely