ideas for extra psion

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by TAN_DATA_GRA, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Ok devs I give up I'm too "unlucky" to earn swarm ring. I got ton of extra psion now since I got no swarm ring to enchant.

    Here are few ideas so I can still get some benefit out of hard earned psion :

    1-Let me use that on my other equipment
    2-let me sell extra for mith or something like that
    3- increase enchant levels on less rare rings, say to 12-13 whatever

    Do something so all us "unlucky" people who got all this extra psion can use it for somethjng good.

    Kaw community atleast say no 

    Thank you.
  2. Support 
  3. Support
  4. S u p p o r t
  5. Support 
  6. No support. I say post event the revert to normal enchantment methods. Except will not drop below level reach with psion
  7. No support. If everyone had the swarm ring it wouldn't be considered rare. If you don't like the psion don't do their ebs. Or if you are doing hte b2b then stop complaining anyway.