Idea to get a new player base.

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  1. Before I propose my idea, firstly the tutorial needs to be reworked it doesn't help new players understand the concepts of the game well enough.

    Secondly kaw needs ads, its rediculous that we dont have any.

    similar ideas have been rejected in the past but the times have changed I think.

    World of Warcraft has one of the best player retention of any game over 3 years old and they do it by giving new players high level accounts so they arent left behind.

    My idea is to either

    A: give everyone and item that gives 15m bonus to allies for each stat (60mcs)


    B: add in the tutorial the ability to choose a type of build (after teaching about those builds) and it will automatically generate a hfbc build based on what they chose

    The issue with B is that already existing players who arent hfBC get left with nothing , my simple solution to that is to make everything before abyss free (both lands and upgrades) (36~mcs)

    The main complaint about similar ideas in the past is that the oldies worked for those stats and now people will get them for free. This is backwards thinking since 1. People wre 4.5bcs now, 36-60mcs is nothing and B: its 50x easier to make gold now then before abyss release so this is already occuring anyway.

    What do you guys think?

    keep it on topic please
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  3. I don't really like the idea of having so much handed to people, though it probably would be beneficial to player retention, as it would reduce the amount of stuff people have to do immediately in order to play. They'd be able to jump right in, and start generating money to build more.

    I definitely agree that the tutorial needs to go more into builds. It's not explained well at all, and you get people that build one of everything that looks cool, not realizing they're wasting money.

    I read somewhere that as of 2014 KaW brings in 15k revenue daily on iOS alone. I have no idea how many people ATA is paying, and how much they are being paid, or even what they bring in now, but I'm not certain that enough is being made to do the sort of large scale advertising needed to bring in more players.

    An item to everyone would leave the newbie to leaderboard ratio identical to what it is now, as everyone would be gaining at the same speed still. Perhaps an item only to people below a specified cs that vanishes after a stat goal is reached?

    I suppose support with some tweaks.
  4. Start over on a new server with hl as max land and low tier ebs and no legend.
  5. Support
  6. I like this idea.

    I also like the OP's idea for kaw as it is now. New tutorial actually explaining pvp, build type ins and outs, clans, and allies . New players pick a build and are given HFBC. Old players below that level get the tokens to finish their builds to HFBC. Get some advertisements out about the one of a kind pvp, and make events as profitable in pvp through the entire events as much as just hitting ebs.
  7. Support! We need meatshields!!!

    Moar meatshields!!!

    Aella, Grave and Ashes
  8. Personally, I think that both a and b can be avoided with just an updated tutorial.

    The current tutorial, as far as I'm aware, has the player build a stable and guild and then hit an account once. Then they get thrown into the game with OSW, strips, LL/individual wars, EBs, allies, legends, build types, etc. The tutorial doesn't accurately depict the game at all.

    Also, while I have no real idea how much marketing and advertisements cost in regards to games, I'd be willing to bet the devs could afford something. When smash monsters was created, I saw it on a pop-up ad on another game.

    Support to these ideas in the sense that devs should look into something regarding them.
  9. Agreed high lands might even be to much let's go back to t3 being the highest or t2 with low lands

    Another note a ad got me here but the keep rate of this app has dropped a lot bc of how far this game has gotten to where ads may now not be effective and cost more then it brings in a way FC was a kaw restart but it ended up failing but kaw wasn't failing at all at it release
  10. A won't work, or is simply just flawed. Ruins wars as an item with 60 Mcs added as static would ruin the 3 lowest teirs(currently bfe anyways is ruining it as well as bfa). It also no use as even the 15k eq given from events normally give enough static to hit almost every eb once you have 3-4 pieces of them. B personally wouldn't enjoy it. Everyone who is active should be at least trying should be at least HFBC already 1-2 events in. The amount of tokens being given out is already insane
  11. How about any advertising lol
  12. I think A is not worth it now without giving people more to start. I started back before legends and spent a fair amount to only reach 30m CS in two weeks. Now people can reach that with no money spent in 1week. Now also giving people HFBC accounts would help them stay and I think making things free rather then tokens would be easier for devs. But you will always find people complain about having to work for it and now it is just given out freely. Those are the people with 200T in allies on the low end making enough to HFBC in a day. So as far as getting people to stay with game having the x2 plunder and low lands is not enough to get people to stay and get into KaW.
  13. As much as i agree with the tutorial being fixed, i don't think "in depth build mechanics" are the way to go. Its a balancing act. Give enough that they want to learn more, but not so much that their brain hurts. Beyond that, support this idea
  14. This game gonna die soon anyway
  15. Sorry but this is a really stupid idea. A game is to play and work your way up to strength.A lot of people pay for h.t.e to get to hoarfrosts and above faster. Why should new people get it all for free when lots on kaw have shelled out real money to advance themselves.That wouldnt be right. New people get a good start already but your ideas are just taking libertys and being greedy.But doing that you would be taking out all the fun to acceive it yourself.
  16. Generic Brand A ketchup doesn't ever advertise. It just sits on the shelf and sometimes get purchased for bad office parties.

    A more robust tutorial would help. Back in ye olden could rely on the playerbase to give organic instructions and tutelage. The playerbase now is so whittled down (populace of a large high school) and entrenched..this organic master/pupil thing doesn't really exist. You can usually safely assume that the few newbie grays that pop up...are alts.

    So...yeah...a tutorial would help. Or some better PvP options.
  17. Single dumbest thing I've ever read. New players get enough free stuff, they don't need more.
  18. Support.

    I like your second proposal best grave. We need new players, no doubt about it. And starting peeps with a foundation build is a great start.

    I'd take it one step further as well. New players get stuck in a clan of other new players and they can't leave for 15 days (but visitors can come and go). That way, they build relationships, which is the bedrock of kaw and get the benefit of having knoledgable vets cycle in and out for whatever ebs that are being run (preferably the typical goth/lotl/br rotation).

    This is also a great opportunity for folks to try out roles, i.e. perhaps 1 day each new player gets to be war chief.

    Once people's 15 days is up, they're free to go and wander or stick around and hang with their new buds.
  19. What's your suggestion?

    The notion of "I had to work for it, so everyone should," doesn't work. That mentality does nothing but further doom this game. New players have absolutely zero incentive to put effort into a game where they essentially have no hope of ever competing at the top levels in a palatable time frame.

  20. New players don't need anything. It's very simple if you don't want to work get you bigger stats then don't play the game. Also events already give new players a huge advantage.