idea: Make forums great again (daily quest)

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  1. I support this statement.
  2. As do I
  3. Ugh. Forums suck because the only way to make a successful thread is to suck a mods dick (or nipple I ain’t sexist). Boohoo keep whining it won’t change. I was leading the mod team in yoga last night and no amount of stretching could get their heads out of their ass. Oops better watch my tongue or they’ll take it from me and shove my head up my ass as well.

    Hey Sean!! I got an idea and I’d love your super duper opinion!! Why don’t we delete the entire game except forums!! I’d like so love to hear your opinion on this because it matters so much to me

    Hey devs I have an idea!! Why don’t you appoint some forum specific mods that have ultimate power in choosing who gets to even create a thread in the first place!! Right?? Oh I think Sean would be a perfect fit don’t you Sean? You’re just so damn positive at the worst possible time it makes me wanna rub my ass on a cheese grater.

    So blah blah forums suck, mods suck, devs suck, game sucks and we the community can’t do anything about it.
  4. ^ this is the greatest thing posted on forums in years 
  5. Trading

    It would be really great if we could trade nobility points

    Share and comment the crap out of this. If ut gets recognized enough the devs will add this in trade
  6. Please don’t call for Sean. I don’t think I can stand another one of his posts. You can’t make forums great again with Sean.
  7. Legend says if you say Sean’s name three times in a mirror at midnight on the third Friday of the month he’ll appear and give you motivational advice
  8. Oh god please no no. No no no

  9. What did Sean ever do but write thoughtful , detailed and extremely kind posts? Please get off my thread
  10. Wow I definitely support this statement also. It’s exactly what needs to be said.
  11. I definitely don’t support this statement. Take your Sean crush to pm.
  12. Answer my question,

    You know someone has no life when they send their 4 alts to have a conversation on your thread
  13. yeye this would be sick

  14. After some days, I would like to revise my idea or proposal of making the forums great!

    But first, this part of my idea below remains the same and I will explain it in detail again:

    The new users will get 1 Nobility Points PER DAY upon making their first forum post on a thread. Of course, there is no way they will get these rewards if they are forum banned!

    Condition: These new users have to be players who played Kingdoms At War for
    less than 1 year, or 365 days for short. Which means anyone who played between Day 1 and Day 364 are eligible for the daily Nobility Point award for each post they make.

    This will give them an in-game incentive. I'm pretty sure existing players like us are familiar with how forums works and what is it about! Oh, and...I'd like to justify, that the incentive will in hope motivate these new users to really stand out in forums and make a new contribution to the new Kaw-munity!

    With that, I'd also like to propose a brand new feature for the
    Moderators to give some recognition to the new players. Here's how it works:

    A new player named Tony144 writes a great forum post that is either really contributing to a thread with new insight to learn.

    Moderator SS-Thrawn-SS noticed this, and finds a new button called "Give Recognition to this post."

    By doing so Tony144's forum post will be shown in EVERYONE's notifications. Something like mass sending. The notification will be read as follows:

    Forum Update:
    Check out Tony144's awesome post of contribution in the thread: Socialism vs Capitalism by Nate. You may learn something new!

    The only downside of this is that this player will be exposed to everyone for hits, attacks and farms. I'd doubt that would happen however, for a new player because I believe their stats will normally be too small to be attacked hence I propose this feature.

    In addition to that, once a moderator gives recognition to a new player's forum post, that new player will receive an additional Nobility Point on top of the Daily Nobility Point rewards.

    New players can get up to
    365 Nobility points for their first year, so once they reach their 1st year kawmunity badge this privilege is gone. So they can't really exploit any more points than that.

    Summary of this idea

    New player posts in forums and that post is deemed awesome by the moderators, receives recognition for that post, everyone will be notified to see it! Thus, new players receive extra attention for a good cause with the hope of more players discussing with the new player in forums, bouncing back constructive ideas and feedback with each other! And the new player gets the in-game benefit as a result!
  15. so basically just a bunch of alts spamming threads
  16. WTH is going on it’s this thread ? My post been deleted?

    Grave you gave false information to the devs about alts which got Domo and me banned. Domo is banned until Christmas. This is an actual fact unlike Grave false accusations.

  17. 1. You really think it's not well known you own domo, seven and most likely tz,
    2. I was half-joking, you are all just a little NPC with your replies
    3. There is no ban on having alts or replying to threads with alts. There are rules against
    A: swearing in public channels
    B: detailing threads
    C: post count farming
    D: not leaving when the OP asks you too stop derailing

    Enjoy your Christmas ban domo
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  19. Sounds like fifa mate 