Idea for New Event - Trex

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  1. I think that we should have an event themed around dinosaurs and have the top 10 pet be a T rex πŸ¦– and the other pet be a Velociraptor. There could be other furniture that's themed around this as well within the event. Not sure about the other furniture just the pets at this time. Give some feedback on what the throne and side thrones and weapons and things should be.
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  2. Would this event come with mass extinction?
  3. The walls could be electric style fences πŸ˜‚πŸ¦–βš‘οΈ Actually love this idea and who don’t like dinosaurs πŸ’š
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  5. Maybe a furniture event since kaw is already flooded with charms. Maybe 60k goal a throne or pet. And the lower goals just lower rarity furn.
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